Commit 373cafd2 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Trivial punctuation fix.

Add a period to make 'makeinfo' happy.
parent b6d2f9b4
......@@ -5818,7 +5818,7 @@ then ASDF will reconfigure itself.
Otherwise, you will have to configure ASDF 2 (or older) to find ASDF 3,
then configure ASDF 3.
Notably, @var{*central-registry*} is not maintained across upgrades from ASDF 2.
@xref{reinitializeASDFAfterUpgrade,note about ASDF reconfiguration after upgrade}
@xref{reinitializeASDFAfterUpgrade,note about ASDF reconfiguration after upgrade}.
Problems like this may be experienced if one loads Quicklisp
(which as of this writing bundles an obsolete ASDF version 2.26),
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