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......@@ -2124,21 +2124,16 @@ Operations are invoked on systems via @code{operate}.
@code{operate} invokes @var{operation} on @var{system}.
@code{oos} is a synonym for @code{operate} (it stands for operate-on-system).
@var{operation} is a symbol that is passed,
along with the supplied @var{initargs},
to @code{make-operation} (which will call @code{make-instance})
to create the operation object.
@var{component} is a component designator,
usually a string or symbol that designates a system,
sometimes a list of strings or symbols that designate a subcomponent of a system.
@var{operation} is a symbol that is passed,
The @var{initargs} are passed to the @code{make-instance} call
when creating the operation object.
@c We probably want to deprecate that, because
@c (1) there is a mix of flags for operate, for the operation-class, for the plan-class, etc.
@c (2) flags to operations have never been well-supported, anyway.
@c The future solution probably involves having an explicit :operation-options keyword or some such
@c (if operation options are not wholly eliminated), a separate :plan-options, etc.
@var{initargs} for operations are now deprecated, and will be removed.
For more details, @pxref{make-operation}.
Note that dependencies may cause the operation
to invoke other operations on the system or its components:
the new operations will be created
......@@ -2176,6 +2171,20 @@ To see what @code{operate} would do, you can use:
@end deffn
@defun @code{make-operation} @var{operation-class} @Arest{} @var{initargs}
The @var{initargs} are passed to @code{make-instance} call
when creating the operation object.
@strong{Note:}@var{initargs} for @code{operation}s are now deprecated,
and will be removed from ASDF in the near future.
@strong{Note:} @code{operation} instances must @strong{never} be created
using @code{make-instance} directly: only through
@code{make-operation}. Attempts to directly make @code{operation}
instances will cause a run-time error.
@end defun
@node Predefined operations of ASDF, Creating new operations, Operations, Operations
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