Commit c2de8118 authored by Karsten Poeck's avatar Karsten Poeck
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Fixed all but 1 encoding test for clasp

parent bf5c1052
...@@ -118,10 +118,11 @@ ...@@ -118,10 +118,11 @@
:encoding :latin-1 :encoding :latin-1
:components ((:file "lambda")))) :components ((:file "lambda"))))
#-ecl-bytecmp #-ecl-bytecmp
(with-encoding-test (:latin-1 :op load-op) (with-expected-failure (#+clasp "Clasp fails here")
(with-encoding-test (:latin-1 :op load-op)
(def-test-system :test-system-encoding-l1-load-op (def-test-system :test-system-encoding-l1-load-op
:encoding :latin-1 :encoding :latin-1
:components ((:file "lambda")))) :components ((:file "lambda")))))
(with-encoding-test (:utf-8 :path ("foo" "lambda")) (with-encoding-test (:utf-8 :path ("foo" "lambda"))
(def-test-system :test-module-encoding-u8 (def-test-system :test-module-encoding-u8
:encoding :latin-1 :encoding :latin-1
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