Commit ee9a35ac authored by Karsten Poeck's avatar Karsten Poeck
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Include drmeister changes for parallel compilation

parent 56153150
......@@ -767,9 +767,11 @@ it will filter them appropriately."
(when (probe-file temp-dwarf)
(rename-file-overwriting-target temp-dwarf target-dwarf)))
;;; need to rename the bc or ll file as well or test-bundle.script fails
(compile-file-pathname tmp-file :output-type :bitcode)
(compile-file-pathname physical-output-file :output-type :bitcode))
;;; They might not exist with parallel compilation
(let ((bitcode-src (compile-file-pathname tmp-file :output-type :bitcode))
(bitcode-target (compile-file-pathname physical-output-file :output-type :bitcode)))
(when (probe-file bitcode-src)
(rename-file-overwriting-target bitcode-src bitcode-target)))
(rename-file-overwriting-target tmp-object-file object-file))
(rename-file-overwriting-target output-truename physical-output-file)
(setf output-truename (truename physical-output-file)))
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