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Fix minor typos in the section package-inferred-system

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......@@ -2038,7 +2038,7 @@ ASDF can tell that this file/system depends on system @code{closer-mop} (registe
How can ASDF find the file @file{interface/order.lisp} from the
toplevel system @code{my-lib}, however? In the example above,
@file{interface/all.lisp} (and other @code{all.lisp}) reexport
@file{interface/all.lisp} (and other @file{all.lisp}) reexport
all the symbols exported from the packages at the same or lower levels
of the hierarchy. This can be easily done with
@code{uiop:define-package}, which has many options that prove useful in this
......@@ -2066,14 +2066,13 @@ ASDF also detects dependencies from @code{:import-from} clauses.
You may thus import a well-defined set of symbols from an existing
package, and ASDF will know to load the system that provides that
package. In the following example, ASDF will infer that the current
system depends on
@code{''foo/bar''} from the first @code{:import-from}.
system depends on @code{foo/baz} from the first @code{:import-from}.
If you prefer to use any such symbol fully qualified by a package prefix,
you may declare a dependency on such a package and its corresponding system
via an @code{:import-from} clause with an empty list of symbols. For
example, if we preferred to use the name `foo/quux:bletch`, the second,
empty, @code{:import-from} form would cause ASDF to load
(defpackage :foo/bar
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