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    • Attila Lendvai's avatar
      numbers.lisp/lerp: The correct version is numerically stable, · 926a0666
      Attila Lendvai authored
      at the expense of an extra multiply. The unstable version can often be
      converted to a fast instruction on a lot of machines, though this is
      machine/implementation specific. As alexandria is more about correct code,
      than efficiency, and we're only talking about a single extra multiply,
      many would prefer the stable version.
      Patch by github.com/mfiano.
  7. 03 Apr, 2016 3 commits
    • Jan Moringen's avatar
      use implementation's EMPTYP when available · afaf1a16
      Jan Moringen authored
      Using the implementation's EMPTYP has the potential advantage of
      supporting user-defined sequence types (as is the case with SBCL).
      This commit tests for SEQUENCE:EMPTYP and defines ALEXANDRIA:EMPTYP in
      terms of it.
      For implementations that do not provide SEQUENCE:EMPTYP, nothing
    • Jan Moringen's avatar
      use EMPTYP instead of e.g. PLUSP and LENGTH were appropriate · 8b89a71b
      Jan Moringen authored
      EMPTYP usually (except, maybe, for some user-defined sequence types) has
      two advantages:
      1. it has O(1) runtime while LENGTH can be O(n)
      2. it can work on user-defined, infinite sequences (given implementation
         support and integration of ALEXANDRIA:EMPTYP with the
         implementation's mechanism as is the case for SBCL)
    • Jan Moringen's avatar
      Jan Moringen authored
        export and document them
        no smoke test for READ-STREAM-CONTENT-INTO-BYTE-VECTOR due to lack of
        something like WITH-INPUT-FROM-BYTE-VECTOR
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    • Nikodemus Siivola's avatar
      tweak EXTREMUM · 0c39310e
      Nikodemus Siivola authored
       Return NIL if the sequence is empty, instead of the NO-EXTREMUM nonsense.
       It was bad design, because it's not an error someone higher up the stack can
       sensibly handle, and handling it locally is too verbose and slow.
          (or (extremum ...) (error ...))
       expresses the common case succintly, and fits the pattern of existing
       sequence functions.
       If it is deemed necessary, we can also add &KEY DEFAULT, but that seems
       overkill and has little precedent in sequence functions.
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    • Nikodemus Siivola's avatar
      untabify tests · daa08725
      Nikodemus Siivola authored
        Yech. Phui. Tabs.
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      adjust tests · a8fa3994
      Nikodemus Siivola authored
        Workarounds for the Clisp and CMUCL failures.
        Newer Clisp's no longer have the stack-overflow for the hash-table test, so
        enable it too.