Commit 3cdc5c7d authored by Frédéric Jolliton's avatar Frédéric Jolliton
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Added paths:path-transform-as-marker.

parent 6b7dc4c1
......@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@
;; Interpolators
......@@ -550,6 +550,34 @@ support non uniform scaling (when scale-x /= scale-y)."
(path-reverse path))))
(defun path-end-info (path side)
(when (>= (path-size path) 2)
(if (not side)
(values (aref (path-knots path) 0)
(interpolation-normal (aref (path-interpolations path) 1)
(aref (path-knots path) 0)
(aref (path-knots path) 1)
(let ((ks (length (path-knots path)))
(is (length (path-interpolations path))))
(values (aref (path-knots path) (1- ks))
(interpolation-normal (aref (path-interpolations path) (1- is))
(aref (path-knots path) (- is 2))
(aref (path-knots path) (- is 1))
(defun path-transform-as-marker (path path-reference side &key (offset 0.0) (scale 1.0) (angle 0.0))
"Translate, rotate and scale PATH representing a marker such
that it is adapted to the PATH-REFERENCE. If SIDE is false, it is
placed at the start of the path, otherwise it is placed at the
end of the path."
(multiple-value-bind (knot normal) (path-end-info path-reference side)
(when knot
(path-rotate path (+ (/ pi -2) angle (point-angle normal)))
(path-scale path scale scale)
(path-translate path (p+ knot (p* normal offset)))
;;;--[ Interpolations ]------------------------------------------------------
(defgeneric interpolation-segment (interpolation k1 k2 function)
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