Commit c7be504b authored by Frédéric Jolliton's avatar Frédéric Jolliton
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Fix lang-o (reversed -> reverted)

parent 3cdc5c7d
......@@ -73,12 +73,12 @@
(defun make-string-path (font-loader text
&key (position (make-point 0 0)) (size 12)
(halign :left) (valign :baseline) (inversed t) (kerning t))
(halign :left) (valign :baseline) (inverted t) (kerning t))
(let* ((em (units/em font-loader))
(scale (/ size em))
(scale-x scale)
(scale-y scale))
(when inversed
(when inverted
(setf scale-y (- scale-y)))
(let ((bb (string-bounding-box text font-loader :kerning kerning)))
(setf position (p- position
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