Commit 5042f435 authored by Marco Antoniotti's avatar Marco Antoniotti 💬

Fixed type declaration.

parent f44e7c96
...@@ -57,12 +57,12 @@ ...@@ -57,12 +57,12 @@
(defun ensure-app-or-library-data-folder (app-or-library-name (defun ensure-app-or-library-data-folder (app-or-library-name
&key &key
version-name version-name
impl-dependent-too impl-dependent-too
) )
(declare (type string (declare (type string app-or-library-name)
app-or-library-name (type (or null string)
version-name version-name
impl-dependent-too)) impl-dependent-too))
(let ((addp (let ((addp
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