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An updated version (3.8) of the first widely available (and quite portable)
DEFSYSTEM for Common Lisp.
Copyright (c) 1989 - 1999 Mark Kantrowitz, all rights reserved.
1999 - 2005 Mark Kantrowitz and Marco Antoniotti, all rights reserved.
2005 - 2020 Marco Antoniotti, all rights reserved.
See the preamble in the file `defsystem.lisp` for licensing information.
**MK:DEFSYSTEM** was and is, the first widely available,
implementation independent, `DEFSYSTEM` (or `make`) for Common Lisp.
The current distribution and repository (3.8) contains a file
`defsystem.lisp`, a `docs` directory, and this `README` file.
**MK:DEFSYSTEM** works on most current (August 2020) Common Lisp
implementations and it is still used by a wide variety of projects.
To install **MK:DEFSYSTEM**, you should just make sure to `load` the
file `defystem.lisp` in you CL environment. You can do that by
putting the appropriate `load` statement in your CL initialization file
(which most implementations have).
The documentation for **MK:DEFSYSTEM** is part of a the following CMU TR
Mark Kantrowitz, *Portable Utilities for Common Lisp, User Guide
and Implementation Notes*, Tech Report CMU-CS-91-143, School of
Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, May 1991.
The `docs` directory contains a quick introduction to **MK:DEFSYSTEM**.
A Note on Forking
Of course you are free to fork the project subject to the current
licensing scheme. However, before you do so, I ask you to consider
plain old "cooperation" by asking me to become a developer.
It helps keeping the entropy level at an acceptable level.
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