1. 13 Dec, 2020 10 commits
  2. 10 Dec, 2020 3 commits
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      Add example where ierr = -1 · 8e750173
      Raymond Toy authored
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      Add missing closing paren · 34e10f2c
      Raymond Toy authored
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      fmin_coblya sets ierr = -1 if constraints might not be satisfied · 73d44428
      Raymond Toy authored
      If the MAXCV value computed by COBYLA exceeds RHOEND, then the return
      code is set to -1 to indicate that the constraints might not be
      This is a small incompatible change with the existing function that
      only said ierr could be 0, 1, or 2.  But this is a nice mostly
      compatible way to indicate something bad may have happened and the
      user should investigate the solution and constraints carefully.
      Also cleaned up some of the comments in cobyla-interface.lisp to match
      the implementation.
      Update the docs to match what we do now.
  3. 06 Dec, 2020 10 commits
    • Gunter Königsmann's avatar
      Non-ascii filename support for plotting, operatingsystem and numericalio on sbcl+MSW · 4206e9c4
      Gunter Königsmann authored
      The long form: If maxima internally uses a different encoding than a
      filename in the filesystem does file operations might fail on SBCL
      if non-ascii chars are involved and the filename isn't converted to
      its native representation. since on Win10 harmless-looking directory
      names like Documents can hide a path that contains non-ascii characters
      if the user's name contains them the reason for this might not be obvious
      for end users.
      There are many places where maxima accesses files so there would be
      many additional places to fix. But I don't own a windows machine
      so I hope someone else will do so and be able to test these fixes in
      an easier fashion.
    • Barton Willis's avatar
      o require second and third arguments to be symbols instead of mapatoms · e6b20467
      Barton Willis authored
      o require third through fifty arguments to be all either lists or nonlists
      o fix up user documentation
      o add tests
    • Wolfgang Dautermann's avatar
      Include files like COPYING, AUTHORS in the Windows installer. · 35f0dcec
      Wolfgang Dautermann authored
      They are not installed by default, there exists an extra
      make target for installing them.
      Call 'make extradocinstall' when building the Windows installer.
      On the mailing list, there was a discussion, that Maxima on
      startup recommends reading the file 'COPYING', but it is not
      installed by default (and therefore was not included in the Windows
    • Wolfgang Dautermann's avatar
      Changelogs for 5.43 and 5.44 were missing from the latest tarball releases. · 378dad94
      Wolfgang Dautermann authored
      Added them to Makefile.am.
      Additionally created a ChangeLog-5.45.md for the (not yet released)
      next Maxima version and included that in Makefile.am, so that that does
      not happen for the next release.
      Removed (nearly empty) ChangeLog-Current.md.
      Maybe we should remove some older "ChangeLog"-files and just keep
      the 2 or three most recent? Nearly half of the files in the
      toplevel directory are now called "ChangeLog-5.xx".
      If one is interested, what changed in Maxima 5.10.0 (from 2006!), one
      can download older tar distributions or git and change to an older
      git tag to get that (old) files.
    • Robert Dodier's avatar
      Additional conditionalizations for Lispworks. · 8cb48fd5
      Robert Dodier authored
      (1) defsystem.lisp: paste :relative onto directory if neither :absolute nor :relative
          is already present. Without this, I get an error about ("numerical") not being
          a symbol when I try to compile via defsystem. This appears to be necessary only
          on Linux; it has been reported by Paul Werkowski that defsystem
          works OK on Windows without this change.
      (2) maxima.system: mark numerical code as load-only for the free version
          (Lispworks Personal Edition). This is intended to reduce the memory
          needed for compiling. Even with this change, Lispworks quits due to
          heap exhaustion part way through compiling, but I can launch LW
          again and issue (mk:oos "maxima" :compile) and keep going and it
          runs to completion.
    • Leo Butler's avatar
      include mylatex.ltx.el in dependencies · 5dcbf0e8
      Leo Butler authored
      Thanks to serge demarre for pointing out the omission.
    • Leo Butler's avatar
      set imaxima-maxima-options to preload imaxima.lisp · bd34efcd
      Leo Butler authored
      remove the windows-specific code, since the patch in imaxima was
      based on the assumption that the --preload-lisp command-line does
      not work in windows.
      See the discussion ending at:
    • Robert Dodier's avatar
      Apply minor patches for LispWorks compatibility. · 25ed76c6
      Robert Dodier authored
      Patch contributed by Paul Werkowski.
    • Robert Dodier's avatar
      Ensure nounified operators are displayed same as verbs. · b4355a8f
      Robert Dodier authored
      Follow-on work for commit 10d9a8a, which fixed bug reported to
      mailing list 2020-09-13: "Function name for matrix/vector dot product?"
      This commit expands the work for 10d9a8a to other operators.
    • Robert Dodier's avatar
      Define function print_string_2d, used in some pretty printer tests, · 6fe0bd77
      Robert Dodier authored
      in terms of printf "~m" format operator, which obviates use of string output stream.
      With this new definition, trailing space at end of widest line is no longer needed,
      so fix up expected results for tests which use print_string_2d.
  4. 23 Nov, 2020 17 commits