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McCLIM website management

McCLIM uses the sclp as a base for it's website. This short tutorial will describe the deployment process. To build a website we use coleslaw – a static website generator.

Adding content

To add a news entry you have to clone the repository and add to the directory posts/ the file (in markdown with with an extra header):

title: Awesome blog entry
tags: tag1, tag2, my-awesome-tag-3
date: 2016-05-22 12:30
format: md
author: John Doe

The blog entry content follows.
* Point 1
* Point 2
* [Point 3](https://point-3.example.org)


The steps for creating a static page are almost the same. You need to put the file in the pages/ directory and provide slightly different header which indicates the URL:

url: new.html

Page content follows.

Additionally, if you want to create this website entry on the navigation bar, you need to edit the .coleslawrc file's section :sitenav (the section is self-explanatory).

If you want to modify existing page or news just edit the file and commit changes.

Adding files not suitable for git

GIT isn't well suite for hosting big files. To add new files "heavy" files to the website put them in the /project/mcclim/files directory – on deployment all files in it will be put in the static/files website's relative path.

Smaller files which belong to the repository may should added to the static/ directory (any subdirectory will be fine except files/, which is listed in .gitignore and reserved for big files on the host system.


After modifying the website commit the change and push it to the repository. After that login to your common-lisp.net shell account and run the script:


After this step the website should be deployed.