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title: Fundraiser success
date: 2016-08-16 15:00
format: md
author: Robert Strandh and Daniel Kochmański
Dear Lispers,
We are delighted and overwhelmed by the support that many of you have
shown for our effort to crowdfund the maintenance and continued
development of McCLIM. Never in our wildest dreams had we imagined
that we would reach our highest monthly goal of 2000 USD in only a few
In addition to our regular maintenance and programmed improvements, at
this level of funding, we will be able to post so-called "bounties",
i.e., specific sums of cash for solving specific problems. Once
posted, they will be available at this URL:
Like we mentioned in our initial appeal for contributions, this
campaign has an important side-effect, beyond that of providing a
budget for improvements, namely that of creating new excitement around
McCLIM. This excitement will ultimately result in contributions in
the form of code, thereby multiplying the importance of the direct
monetary support.
In order to make our work on this project as transparent as possible,
we will do our utmost to provide monthly reports on our progress, and
we will provide details on how the cash was put to work.
We sincerely hope to make sufficient progress, sufficiently fast, that
you will consider additional contributions, in the form of cash or
code, in the future.
Robert Strandh and Daniel Kochmański
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