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notes: add notes from Rainer Joswig

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......@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@ questions, please share them either on
achieve native look and feel or to utilize some platform-specific
* Create a portable Common Lisp IDE
* Finish the manual
<!-- * Address some shortcomings of the -->
......@@ -107,10 +109,16 @@ No, there are various other options. Here are some highlights:
* [CLIM]( – another
alternative **CLIM II** implementation for LispWorks. It is
proprietary and "provided primarily to support legacy applications".
proprietary and "provided primarily to support legacy applications"
<!-- *CLIM2* and *CLIM* are based on the same portable code and are -->
<!-- known as Commercial CLIM in general. -->
* [Common Graphics](
– proprietary GUI toolkit for Allegro CL
* [CAPI]( – proprietary
GUI toolkits for LispWorks
GUI toolkit for LispWorks
#### FFI bindings
<!-- FFI -->
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