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Daniel Kochmański
Here are some screenshots made in the meantime which are related to the changes:
![Ellipsis](static/media/it-11/ellipsis.png "Ellipsis")
![Ellipsis 3](static/media/it-11/ellipsis2.png "Ellipsis")
![Ellipsis 2](static/media/it-11/ellipsis3.png "Ellipsis")
![Scroll notes](static/media/it-11/scroll.jpeg "Scroll notes")
![Slope lines](static/media/it-11/slope-lines.png "Slope lines")
![Slope lines 2](static/media/it-11/slope-lines2.png "Slope lines")
![Slope lines 3](static/media/it-11/slope-lines3.png "Slope lines")
![Bordered table](static/media/it-11/table.png "Bordered table")
![Bordered table 2](static/media/it-11/table2.png "Bordered table")
![Address Book demo](static/media/it-11/clim-tos.jpeg "McCLIM and CLIM TOS")
\ No newline at end of file
![Ellipsis]( "Ellipsis")
![Ellipsis 3]( "Ellipsis")
![Ellipsis 2]( "Ellipsis")
![Scroll notes]( "Scroll notes")
![Slope lines]( "Slope lines")
![Slope lines 2]( "Slope lines")
![Slope lines 3]( "Slope lines")
![Bordered table]( "Bordered table")
![Bordered table 2]( "Bordered table")
![Address Book demo]( "McCLIM and CLIM TOS")
\ No newline at end of file
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