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title: Progress report #6
date: 2017-03-14 19:00
format: md
author: Daniel Kochmański
Dear Community,
I owe you apologies for skipping reports in the meantime. Since
January I'm not withdrawing money from our fundraiser thanks to other
paid work, which means we have budget for more bounties. Keep in mind,
that doesn't mean any work has ceased from my side.
During this iteration I was preparing a paper[^1] for the upcoming
European Lisp Symposium[^2]. Unfortunately it wasn't good enough to be
I'm still working on a tutorial and demo application mentioned in the
paper proposal. During that bugs and incompatibilities get fixed and
pull requests are accepted. When questions arise on IRC or mailing
list I try to answer them.
As a reminder: we have two active bounties at the moment:
* $150 [clx:input: english layout](
* $100 [bug: (setf frame-comand-table)](
Suggestions which other issues should have a bounty on them are
appreciated and welcome.
If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions – please contact me
either by email ( or on IRC (my nick is
Sincerely yours,
Daniel Kochmański
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