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title: Progress report #10
date: 2017-10-22 16:00
format: md
author: Daniel Kochmański
Dear Community,
We have many important improvements since the last iteration and even
more work is pending. I want to apologise for this late progress
report – it has been almost three months since the last update. I'll
try to improve in this regard.
**Some highlights for this iteration**:
- various utilities have been replaced with `alexandria` equivalents
- distinct frames don't shadow `*accelerator-gestures*` of their children
- accepting-values refinements - better handling of errors and return values
- refactor and small fixes of the recording implementation code
- refinements in class hierarchy for streams, medium and graphics state
- slider from 30.4.5 spec section has been implemented
- scrolling implementation refinements
- tab-layout extension refactor
- improvements related to `drei` text editing substrate
- user manual refinements and improvements of its building scripts
- improvements related to the PDF backend
- MOP code has been ported to use `closer-mop` portability layer
- numerous editorial fixes in bundled specification sources
- improvements to `format-graph-from-roots`
- better Unicode support in CLX for frame title
- general code base cleanup to decrease number of warnings during compilation
- transparency handling in CLX backend and alpha channel support in images
- small Listener improvements (bug fixes and cleanups)
We want to thank everybody who has contributed to the project (by
improving the codebase, discussions, issue reporting, providing advice
and suggestions, monetary contributions etc). We are especially
grateful to the following people: Nisar Ahmad, Alastair Bridgewater,
John Carroll, Cyrus Harmon, Philipp Marek, Elias Mårtenson, Piotr
Mieszkowski, Jan Moringen, Nick Patrick, Alessandro Serra and last but
not least Robert Strandth.
All McCLIM bounties (both active and already solved) may be found
[here]( Default
bounty expiration date is 6 months after publishing it (a bounty may be
reissued after that time period).
**Bounties solved this iteration**:
- [$300] Replace MOP things with closer-mop portability layer
- [$100] Keystroke accelerators may shadow keys even if inactive
**Active bounties** ($1800):
- [$100] drag-test demo: dragging square to the empty position invokes the debugger (*new*)
- [$100] Text field pane height is too small, clipping the bottom off characters (*new*)
- [$300] Listener: repl blocks when long process runs (*new*)
- [$500] Windows Backend
- [$400] Fix Beagle backend
- [$150] When flowing text in a FORMATTING-TABLE, the pane size is used instead of the column size
- [$150] clx: input: english layout
- [$100] Add PDF file generation (PDF backend)
Our current financial status is $1089 for bounties and $264 recurring
monthly contributions from the supporters (thank you!).
I have been asked a question about who decides which issues have
bounties on them and how the reward amounts are decided. If anyone has
been wondering about the same here goes the answer: issues and prices
are based on my subjective opinion indicated by problems users
encounter and what I consider being worth putting bounty on it. Note
though, that I'm open to suggestions (see the next paragraph). I hope
that despite some potential doubts the community is generally
satisfied with the progress and decisions we make. If there is some
lack of transparency, please let me know what you want to know and
I'll do my best to help.
Suggestions as to which other issues should have a bounty on them are
appreciated and welcome. Please note that Bountysource has a
functionality "Suggest an Issue" which may be found on the
page. If you would like to work on an issue that is not covered by the
existing bounties, feel free to suggest a new bounty.
If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions – please contact me
either by email ( or on IRC (my nick is
`jackdaniel`). McCLIM developers and users hang out on `#clim` IRC
channel on Freenode.
Sincerely yours,
Daniel Kochmański
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