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README: describe how to test changes locally

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which is listed in `.gitignore` and reserved for big files on the host
### Testing changes locally ###
To test changes locally, change the relevant lines of `.coleslawrc` to
something like:
:staging-dir "/tmp/mcclim-website/staging"
:deploy-dir "/tmp/mcclim-webstie/public_html"
then load the `coleslaw` system and call its `main` function:
(ql:quickload :coleslaw)
(coleslaw:main "PATH-TO-MCCLIM-WEBSITE-REPOSITORY" :deploy nil)
This will put the generated website in the
`/tmp/mcclim-website/staging` directory (or whichever directory you
configured). Note that links in the generated files still refer to the
online version of the website.
### Deployment ###
After modifying the website, commit the change and push it to the
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