Commit 40816022 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau Committed by Robert Goldman
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Remove unnecessary upgrades from defgeneric to defun

parent 32a579df
......@@ -108,28 +108,21 @@ previously-loaded version of ASDF."
(when-upgrading ()
(let* ((previous-version (first *previous-asdf-versions*))
(redefined-functions ;; List of functions that changed incompatibly since 2.27:
;; gf signature changed (should NOT happen), defun that became a generic function or
;; the other way around, method removed that will mess up with new ones
;; gf signature changed, defun that became a generic function (but not way around),
;; method removed that will mess up with new ones
;; (especially :around :before :after, more specific or call-next-method'ed method)
;; and/or semantics otherwise modified. Oops.
;; NB: it's too late to do anything about functions in UIOP!
;; If you introduce some critical incompatibility there, you MUST change the function name.
;; Note that we don't need do anything about functions that changed incompatibly
;; from ASDF 2.26 or earlier: we wholly punt on the entire ASDF package in such an upgrade.
;; Also, the strong constraints apply most importantly for functions called from
;; the continuation of compiling or loading some of the code in ASDF or UIOP.
;; See discussion at
;; and at
`(,@(when (version< previous-version "2.31") '(#:normalize-version)) ;; pathname became &key
,@(when (version< previous-version "3.1.2") '(#:component-depends-on #:input-files)) ;; crucial methods *removed* before 3.1.2
,@(when (version< previous-version "") '(#:find-component))
,@(when (version< previous-version "3.2.0") '(#:required-components)) ; was a gf
,@(when (version< previous-version "3.3.0")
'(#:action-valid-p #:map-direct-dependencies ;; were gfs with plan first
#:reduce-direct-dependencies #:direct-dependencies))
,@(when (version< previous-version "") ;; were gfs
'(#:system-long-name #:system-description #:system-long-description
#:system-author #:system-maintainer #:system-mailto
#:system-homepage #:system-source-control
#:system-licence #:system-license #:system-version #:system-bug-tracker))))
,@(when (version< previous-version "") '(#:find-component)))) ;; added &key registered
;; redefining the classes causes interim circularities
;; with the old ASDF during upgrade, and many implementations bork
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