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Fix and test issue 39.

Modify the computation of `:serial` dependencies so that the chain is not broken by `:if-feature` dependencies that are dropped from the system.
parent 0ac93efe
cl-asdf (2:3.3.5-1) unstable; urgency=low IN PROGRESS
* Fix bug in handling combination of :serial and :if-feature dependencies.
* Add support for package local nicknames to UIOP:DEFINE-PACKAGE and
ASDF's package-inferred systems. Extend support for package local
nicknames to more lisp implementations.
......@@ -268,7 +268,43 @@ Please only define ~S and secondary systems with a name starting with ~S (e.g. ~
system names contained using COERCE-NAME. Return the result."
(mapcar 'parse-dependency-def dd-list))
(defun* (parse-component-form) (parent options &key previous-serial-component)
;;; Helper function for parse-component-form. Sets the CHILDREN slot of
;;; COMPONENT, using COMPONENTS list, and adds dependency links if
;;; the COMPONENT is a serial component. Should ONLY be called on a
;;; Returns the list of child components -- it's not entirely clear to me
;;; what is the set of possible values for elements of this list.
(declaim (ftype (function (parent-component list (or t nil)) t)
(ftype (function ((or parent-component null) list &key (:previous-serial-components list)))
(defun* compute-component-children (component components serial-p)
(setf (component-children component)
:with previous-components = nil ; list of strings
:for c-form :in components
:for c = (parse-component-form component c-form
:previous-serial-components previous-components)
:for name :of-type string = (component-name c)
:collect c
:when serial-p
;; if this is an if-feature component, we need to make a serial link
;; from previous components to following components -- otherwise should
;; the IF-FEATURE component drop out, the chain of serial dependencies will be
;; broken.
:unless (component-if-feature c)
:do (setf previous-components nil)
:and :do (push name previous-components)))
(compute-children-by-name component)))
(defun* stable-union (s1 s2 &key (test #'eql) (key 'identity))
(append s1
(remove-if #'(lambda (e2) (member (funcall key e2) (funcall key s1) :test test)) s2)))
(defun* (parse-component-form) (parent options &key previous-serial-components)
(type name &rest rest &key
(builtin-system-p () bspp)
......@@ -320,18 +356,9 @@ system names contained using COERCE-NAME. Return the result."
;; A better fix is required.
(setf (slot-value component 'version) version)
(when (typep component 'parent-component)
(setf (component-children component)
:with previous-component = nil
:for c-form :in components
:for c = (parse-component-form component c-form
:previous-serial-component previous-component)
:for name = (component-name c)
:collect c
:when serial :do (setf previous-component name)))
(compute-children-by-name component))
(when previous-serial-component
(push previous-serial-component depends-on))
(compute-component-children component components serial))
(when previous-serial-components
(setf depends-on (stable-union depends-on previous-serial-components :test #'equal)))
(when weakly-depends-on
;; ASDF4: deprecate this feature and remove it.
(appendf depends-on
......@@ -343,7 +370,7 @@ system names contained using COERCE-NAME. Return the result."
(error "The system definition for ~S uses deprecated ~
Starting with ASDF 3, please use :IF-FEATURE instead"
(coerce-name (component-system component))))
(coerce-name (component-system component))))
;; the following are all systems that Stas Boukarev maintains and refuses to fix,
;;; This test example shows a failure in propagating serial dependencies across :if-feature
;;; conditionalization.
(asdf:defsystem test-serial-dependencies
:serial t
:components ((:file "file1")
(:file "file4" :if-feature :undef)
(:file "file3" :if-feature :undef)
;; we expect an error loading here, because file1 won't be loaded
(:file "file2")))
;;; -*- mode: common-lisp; -*-
(in-package :asdf-test)
;;; According to Gitlab issue 39, this should cause an error. We can't use
;;; LOAD-SYSTEM because LOAD-OP is a downward operation. Therefore the plan
;;; will always have a LOAD-OP on every source file of the system (in serial
;;; order).
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op
(asdf:find-component (asdf:find-system "test-serial-dependencies")
(list "file2")))
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