Commit e169a608 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman
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Fix defsystem grammar.

Fix for #53: Didier Verna points out that `:defsystem-depends-on` has
`dependency-def` not `system-list` as its value.
parent 313a2af2
......@@ -1459,7 +1459,7 @@ Presumably, the 4th form looks like @code{(defparameter *foo-version* "5.6.7")}.
# @pxref{Complex component names,Complex component names,Complex component names}
@defrule{complex-component-name} @var{string} | @var{symbol}
@defrule{system-option} :defsystem-depends-on @refrule{system-list}
@defrule{system-option} :defsystem-depends-on @refrule{dependency-def}
| :weakly-depends-on @refrule{system-list}
| :class @var{class-name} # @pxref{System class names}
| :build-pathname @refrule{pathname-specifier}
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