Commit 1bb4870e authored by Jean-Claude Beaudoin's avatar Jean-Claude Beaudoin
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Try to fix obvious mistakes and typos in code for Android just previously committed.

parent 223027a9
......@@ -2140,12 +2140,12 @@ void mkcl_init_late_unixint(MKCL)
#if __ANDROID__
static struct sigaction &old_sigwinch_sigaction;
static struct sigaction old_sigwinch_sigaction;
static void temp_sigwinch_handler(int sig, siginfo_t *info, void *aux)
if (pthread_equal(signal_servicing_thread, pthread_self()))
sigaction(SIGWINCH, old_sigwinch_sigaction, NULL);
sigaction(SIGWINCH, &old_sigwinch_sigaction, NULL);
......@@ -2167,12 +2167,12 @@ static void terminate_signal_servicing_thread(void)
struct sigaction new_sigwinch_sigaction;
new_sigwinch_handler.sa_sigaction = temp_sigwinch_handler;
new_sigwinch_handler.sa_flags = SA_SIGINFO;
new_sigwinch_sigaction.sa_sigaction = temp_sigwinch_handler;
new_sigwinch_sigaction.sa_flags = SA_SIGINFO;
sigaction(SIGWINCH, &new_sigwinch_sigaction, &old_sigwinch_sigaction);
pthread_kill(thread_id, SIGWINCH);
pthread_kill(signal_servicing_thread, SIGWINCH);
#else /* __ANDROID__ */ /* Android refused to implement pthread_cancel() et al. */
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