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Declaration C-EXPORT-FNAME can now be proclaimed on the name of a...

Declaration C-EXPORT-FNAME can now be proclaimed on the name of a ffi:defcallback to effectively expose, by C name, that callback entry point to C code.
parent 053263e5
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
;;;; CMPCBK -- Callbacks: lisp functions that can be called from the C world
;;;; Copyright (c) 2003, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll.
;;;; Copyright (c) 2012, Jean-Claude Beaudoin.
;;;; Copyright (c) 2012,2021 Jean-Claude Beaudoin.
;;;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;;;; modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
......@@ -15,14 +15,15 @@
(in-package "COMPILER")
(defun c1-defcallback (args)
(destructuring-bind (name return-type arg-list &rest body)
(destructuring-bind (name-spec return-type arg-list &rest body) args
(let ((name (if (consp name-spec) (first name-spec) name-spec))
(call-type (if (consp name-spec) (second name-spec) :cdecl)))
(multiple-value-bind (exported-name callback-exported-p) (exported-fname name)
(let ((arg-types '())
(arg-type-constants '())
(arg-variables '())
(c-name (format nil "mkcl_callback_~d" (length *callbacks*)))
(name (if (consp name) (first name) name))
(call-type (if (consp name) (second name) :cdecl)))
(helper-name (intern (mkcl:str+ (symbol-name name) "-CALLBACK-HELPER") (symbol-package name)))
(c-name (if callback-exported-p exported-name (next-cfun "LC~D~A" name))))
(dolist (i arg-list)
(unless (consp i)
(cmperr "Syntax error in CALLBACK form: C type is missing in argument ~A "i))
......@@ -33,21 +34,21 @@
(foreign-elt-type-code type)
(add-object type))
(push (list name c-name (add-object name)
return-type (reverse arg-types) (reverse arg-type-constants) call-type)
(push (list name c-name (add-object helper-name)
return-type (reverse arg-types) (reverse arg-type-constants)
call-type callback-exported-p)
;; defun does not seem to work very well when not at toplevel!
;;(defun ,name ,(reverse arg-variables) ,@body)
(setf (symbol-function ',name)
#'(si::lambda-block ,name ,(reverse arg-variables) ,@body))
;;(defun ,helper-name ,(reverse arg-variables) ,@body)
(setf (symbol-function ',helper-name)
#'(si::lambda-block ,helper-name ,(reverse arg-variables) ,@body))
(si::put-sysprop ',name :callback
(ffi:c-inline () () :object
,(format nil "mkcl_make_foreign(env,@':pointer-void,0,~a)" c-name)
:one-liner t)))))
:one-liner t))))))))))
(defconstant +foreign-elt-type-codes+
'((:char . "MKCL_FFI_CHAR")
......@@ -76,8 +77,10 @@
(cmperr "~a is not a valid elementary FFI type" x))
(cdr x)))
(defun t3-defcallback (lisp-name c-name c-name-constant return-type
arg-types arg-type-constants call-type &aux (return-p t))
(defun t3-defcallback (lisp-name c-name helper-constant
return-type arg-types arg-type-constants
call-type exported-p
&aux (return-p t))
(cond ((ffi::foreign-elt-type-p return-type))
((member return-type '(nil :void))
(setf return-p nil))
......@@ -91,8 +94,8 @@
(:cdecl "")
(:stdcall "__stdcall ")
(t (cmperr "DEFCALLBACK does not support ~A as calling convention" call-type)))))
(wt-nl1 "static " return-type-name " " fmod c-name "(")
(wt-nl-h "static " return-type-name " " fmod c-name "(")
(wt-nl1 (if exported-p "extern " "static ") return-type-name " " fmod c-name "(")
(wt-nl-h (if exported-p "extern MKCL_DLLEXPORT " "static ") return-type-name " " fmod c-name "(")
(if arg-types
(loop for n from 0
and type in arg-types
......@@ -102,8 +105,7 @@
(wt comma (rep-type-name (ffi::%convert-to-arg-type type)) " var" n)
(wt-h comma (rep-type-name (ffi::%convert-to-arg-type type)) " var" n)
(setf comma ",")))
(progn (wt "void") (wt-h "void"))
(progn (wt "void") (wt-h "void")))
(wt ")") (wt-h ");")
(wt-nl1 "{")
(when return-p
......@@ -132,7 +134,7 @@
n "," ct "," (ffi:size-of-foreign-type type) "));")))
;; here is the lisp callback function invocation.
(wt-nl "aux = mkcl_apply_from_temp_stack_frame(env, frame, mkcl_fdefinition(env, " c-name-constant "));")
(wt-nl "aux = mkcl_apply_from_temp_stack_frame(env, frame, mkcl_fdefinition(env, " helper-constant "));")
(wt-nl "mkcl_temp_stack_frame_close(env, frame);")
......@@ -158,8 +160,7 @@
(wt comma (rep-type-name (ffi::%convert-to-arg-type type)) " var" n)
(wt-h comma (rep-type-name (ffi::%convert-to-arg-type type)) " var" n)
(setf comma ",")))
(progn (wt "void") (wt-h "void"))
(progn (wt "void") (wt-h "void")))
(wt ")") (wt-h ");")
(wt-nl1 "{")
(when return-p
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