Commit 88650fb1 authored by Jean-Claude Beaudoin's avatar Jean-Claude Beaudoin
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Give a more explicit name to the default signal_servicing_loop().

parent 6fe717cd
......@@ -1778,7 +1778,7 @@ mk_mt_try_to_wake_up_thread(MKCL, mkcl_object thread)
static void * signal_servicing_loop(void * arg)
static void * default_signal_servicing_loop(void * arg)
for (;;) /* sleep forever! */
......@@ -2020,7 +2020,7 @@ void mkcl_init_early_unixint(MKCL)
/* Create a forever sleeping thread to ensure async-signals handlers will always find
at least one thread stack to run on. */
if (pthread_create(&default_signal_servicing_thread, NULL, signal_servicing_loop, NULL))
if (pthread_create(&default_signal_servicing_thread, NULL, default_signal_servicing_loop, NULL))
mkcl_lose(env, "mkcl_init_unixint failed on pthread_create.");
# if __ANDROID__ && (__arm__ || __i386__)
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