Commit 70b027d9 authored by Luís Oliveira's avatar Luís Oliveira
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tests: mark CLISP failures

- COPY-HASH-TABLE.1 causes a stack overflow due to a CLISP bug.
  returns EXT:FASTHASH-{EQ,EQL}.
parent ad9531b3
......@@ -207,6 +207,8 @@
(= 42 (gethash x table)))))))
#+clisp (pushnew 'copy-hash-table.1 *expected-failures*)
(deftest copy-hash-table.1
(let ((orig (make-hash-table :test 'eq :size 123))
(foo "foo"))
......@@ -215,16 +217,20 @@
(let ((eq-copy (copy-hash-table orig))
(eql-copy (copy-hash-table orig :test 'eql))
(equal-copy (copy-hash-table orig :test 'equal))
(equalp-copy (copy-hash-table orig :test 'equalp)))
(list (hash-table-size eq-copy)
;; CLISP overflows the stack with this bit.
;; See <>.
#-clisp (equalp-copy (copy-hash-table orig :test 'equalp)))
(list (eql (hash-table-size eq-copy) (hash-table-size orig))
(eql (hash-table-rehash-size eq-copy)
(hash-table-rehash-size orig))
(hash-table-count eql-copy)
(gethash orig eq-copy)
(gethash (copy-seq foo) eql-copy)
(gethash foo eql-copy)
(gethash (copy-seq foo) equal-copy)
(gethash "FOO" equal-copy)
(gethash "FOO" equalp-copy))))
(123 2 t nil t t nil t))
#-clisp (gethash "FOO" equalp-copy))))
(t t 2 t nil t t nil t))
(deftest copy-hash-table.2
(let ((ht (make-hash-table))
......@@ -302,6 +308,8 @@
(getf plist nil))))
(20 0 -2 -7 nil))
#+clisp (pushnew 'alist-hash-table.1 *expected-failures*)
(deftest alist-hash-table.1
(let* ((alist '((0 a) (1 b) (2 c)))
(table (alist-hash-table alist)))
......@@ -309,9 +317,11 @@
(gethash 0 table)
(gethash 1 table)
(gethash 2 table)
(hash-table-test table)))
(hash-table-test table))) ; CLISP returns EXT:FASTHASH-EQL.
(3 (a) (b) (c) eql))
#+clisp (pushnew 'plist-hash-table.1 *expected-failures*)
(deftest plist-hash-table.1
(let* ((plist '(:a 1 :b 2 :c 3))
(table (plist-hash-table plist :test 'eq)))
......@@ -321,7 +331,7 @@
(gethash :c table)
(gethash 2 table)
(gethash nil table)
(hash-table-test table)))
(hash-table-test table))) ; CLISP returns EXT:FASTHASH-EQ.
(3 1 2 3 nil nil eq))
;;;; Functions
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