Commit fc34cc10 authored by Luís Oliveira's avatar Luís Oliveira
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Small fix to COPY-HASH-TABLE

- New hash-table was being created with a bogus rehash-size.
- Added regression test in another patch.
parent 130b7da6
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ copy is returned by default."
(setf key (or key 'identity))
(setf test (or test (hash-table-test table)))
(setf size (or size (hash-table-size table)))
(setf rehash-size (or rehash-size (hash-table-size table)))
(setf rehash-size (or rehash-size (hash-table-rehash-size table)))
(setf rehash-threshold (or rehash-threshold (hash-table-rehash-threshold table)))
(let ((copy (make-hash-table :test test :size size
:rehash-size rehash-size
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