Commit 3499b6e0 authored by James M. Lawrence's avatar James M. Lawrence Committed by Attila Lendvai


Signed-off-by: Attila Lendvai's avatarAttila Lendvai <>
parent b8bd1033
...@@ -1900,11 +1900,12 @@ ...@@ -1900,11 +1900,12 @@
t) t)
(deftest parse-ordinary-lambda-list.1 (deftest parse-ordinary-lambda-list.1
(multiple-value-bind (req opt rest keys allowp aux keyp) (multiple-value-bind (req opt rest keys allowp aux keyp)
(parse-ordinary-lambda-list '(a b c &optional d &key)) (parse-ordinary-lambda-list '(a b c &optional d &key))
(and (equal '(a b c) req) (and (equal '(a b c) req)
(equal '((d nil nil)) opt) (equal '((d nil nil)) opt)
(equal '() keys) (equal '() keys)
(not allowp) (not allowp)
(not aux) (not aux)
(eq t keyp)))) (eq t keyp)))
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