Commit 735ea22b authored by Attila Lendvai's avatar Attila Lendvai

Added a faster loop based remove-from-plist

parent fd1ce5a1
......@@ -111,15 +111,16 @@ expected-type designator of a TYPE-ERROR."
in the list designated by KEYS and values corresponding to them are removed.
The returned property-list may share structure with the PLIST, but PLIST is
not destructively modified."
(declare (optimize (speed 3)))
;; FIXME: unoptimal: (sans '(:a 1 :b 2) :a) has no need to copy the
;; tail.
(do ((new nil)
(tail plist (cddr tail)))
((endp tail)
(nreverse new))
(let ((key (car tail)))
(unless (member key keys)
(setf new (list* (cadr tail) key new))))))
(loop for cell = plist :then (cddr cell)
for key = (car cell)
while cell
unless (member key keys :test #'eq)
collect key
and do (assert (cdr cell) () "Not a proper plist")
and collect (cadr cell)))
(declaim (inline sans))
(defun sans (plist &rest keys)
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