Commit 5b55a6c1 authored by Frode Vatvedt Fjeld's avatar Frode Vatvedt Fjeld

Improved backtrace a bit.

parent 6440a2b1
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
;;;; Author: Frode Vatvedt Fjeld <>
;;;; Created at: Fri Aug 24 11:39:37 2001
;;;; $Id: procfs-image.lisp,v 1.9 2004/07/08 18:53:33 ffjeld Exp $
;;;; $Id: procfs-image.lisp,v 1.10 2004/07/22 00:28:06 ffjeld Exp $
......@@ -170,7 +170,18 @@
'(nil :eflags :eip :error-code :exception :ebp nil
:ecx :eax :edx :ebx :esi :edi))))
(defun backtrace (&key reqs)
(defun debug-get-object (word spartan)
(if spartan
(let ((object (movitz-word word)))
(typecase object
((or movitz-funobj movitz-struct movitz-std-instance)
(t (movitz-print object))))
(t () (list :unknown-word word)))))
(defun backtrace (&key (reqs t) print-frames print-returns spartan)
(format t "~&Backtracing from EIP = #x~X: "
(image-register32 *image* :eip))
;; (search-image-funobj (image-register32 *image* :eip))
......@@ -195,14 +206,17 @@
r eax ecx edi eip exception))))
(let ((name (movitz-print movitz-name)))
(write-string (symbol-name name))
(when print-frames
(format t "~S " stack-frame))
(when (string= name 'toplevel-function)
(format t " (#x~X)" (stack-frame-return-address stack-frame))
(when reqs
(format t " req1: ~S, req2: ~S"
(movitz-word (get-word stack-frame -2))
(movitz-word (get-word stack-frame -3))))))
(format t "(~A ~S ~S)"
(symbol-name name)
(debug-get-object (get-word (+ stack-frame -8)) spartan)
(debug-get-object (get-word (+ stack-frame -12)) spartan)))
(when print-returns
(format t " (#x~X)" (stack-frame-return-address stack-frame)))))
(t (write (movitz-print movitz-name)))))
do (format t "~& => "))
......@@ -276,13 +290,30 @@
(defvar *previous-image*)
(top-level:alias ("bochs" 0) (&optional form)
(with-bochs-image ()
(with-simple-restart (continue "Exit this bochs session [pid=~D]" (image-pid *image*))
(let ((*previous-image* *image*))
(with-bochs-image ()
(let ((image *image*))
(with-simple-restart (continue "Exit this bochs session [pid=~D]" (image-pid image))
(if form
(let ((x (eval form)))
(format t "~&~W" x)
(invoke-debugger "Established Bochs session [pid=~D]. ~S is ~S"
(image-pid image)
(top-level:alias ("unbochs" 3) (&optional form)
(let ((*image* *previous-image*)
(image *image*))
(with-simple-restart (continue "Exit this unbochs session")
(if form
(let ((x (eval form)))
(format t "~&~W" x)
(invoke-debugger "Established connection to Bochs [pid=~D]."
(image-pid *image*))))))
(invoke-debugger "Established connection to unBochs ~S" image)))))
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