Commit a282ddac authored by Frode Vatvedt Fjeld's avatar Frode Vatvedt Fjeld

Add disassembler for sreg-modrm.

parent dbec2b60
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
;;;; Author: Frode Vatvedt Fjeld <>
;;;; Distribution: See the accompanying file COPYING.
;;;; $Id: asm-x86.lisp,v 1.30 2008/02/23 22:35:10 ffjeld Exp $
;;;; $Id: asm-x86.lisp,v 1.31 2008/02/25 23:33:43 ffjeld Exp $
......@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@
((atom body)
((member (car body) '(reg-modrm modrm opcode imm-modrm imm opcode-reg pc-rel moffset))
((member (car body) '(reg-modrm modrm opcode imm-modrm imm opcode-reg pc-rel moffset sreg-modrm))
(list body))
(t (mapcan #'find-forms body)))))
(let ((defun-name (intern (format nil "~A-~A" 'instruction-encoder operator))))
......@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@
(defmacro define-disassembler ((operator opcode &optional cpu-mode digit backup-p) lambda-list &body body)
(defmacro define-disassembler ((operator opcode &optional cpu-mode digit backup-p operand-size) lambda-list &body body)
`(loop for mod from #b00 to #b11
......@@ -321,13 +321,13 @@
(ash ,digit 3)
(ash mod 6)
do (define-disassembler (,operator ext-opcode ,cpu-mode nil t) ,lambda-list ,@body))))
do (define-disassembler (,operator ext-opcode ,cpu-mode nil t ,operand-size) ,lambda-list ,@body))))
((symbolp lambda-list)
`(setf (opcode-disassembler ,opcode ,cpu-mode) (list ,backup-p ,operator ,cpu-mode ',lambda-list ,@body)))
`(setf (opcode-disassembler ,opcode ,cpu-mode) (list ,backup-p ,operator ,(or operand-size cpu-mode) ',lambda-list ,@body)))
(t (let ((defun-name (intern (format nil "~A-~A-~X~@[-~A~]" 'disassembler operator opcode cpu-mode))))
(defun ,defun-name ,lambda-list ,@body)
(setf (opcode-disassembler ,opcode ',cpu-mode) (list ,backup-p ,operator ',cpu-mode ',defun-name))
(setf (opcode-disassembler ,opcode ',cpu-mode) (list ,backup-p ,operator ',(or operand-size cpu-mode) ',defun-name))
(defun disassemble-simple-prefix (code operator opcode operand-size address-size rex)
......@@ -507,7 +507,8 @@
(:32-bit '(:eax :ecx :edx :ebx :esp :ebp :esi :edi))
(:64-bit '(:rax :rcx :rdx :rbx :rsp :rbp :rsi :rdi :r8 :r9 :r10 :r11 :r12 :13 :r14 :r15))
(:mm '(:mm0 :mm1 :mm2 :mm3 :mm4 :mm5 :mm6 :mm7))
(:xmm '(:xmm0 :xmm1 :xmm2 :xmm3 :xmm4 :xmm5 :xmm6 :xmm7))))
(:xmm '(:xmm0 :xmm1 :xmm2 :xmm3 :xmm4 :xmm5 :xmm6 :xmm7))
(:segment '(:es :cs :ss :ds :fs :gs))))
(defun encode-reg/mem (operand mode)
(check-type mode (member nil :8-bit :16-bit :32-bit :64-bit :mm :xmm))
......@@ -837,12 +838,12 @@
(remove nil fixed-operands))
(defun decode-reg-modrm (code operator opcode operand-size address-size rex operand-ordering)
(defun decode-reg-modrm (code operator opcode operand-size address-size rex operand-ordering &optional (reg-mode operand-size))
(declare (ignore opcode rex))
(values (list* operator
(order-operands operand-ordering
:reg (nth (ldb (byte 3 3) (car code))
(register-set-by-mode operand-size))
(register-set-by-mode reg-mode))
:modrm (ecase address-size
(code-call (decode-reg-modrm-32 code operand-size)))
......@@ -1131,15 +1132,25 @@
(defmacro reg-cr (op-reg op-cr opcode &rest extras)
`(return-when (encode-reg-cr operator legacy-prefixes ,op-reg ,op-cr ,opcode operator-mode default-rex ,@extras)))
(defmacro sreg-modrm (op-sreg op-modrm opcode)
`(let* ((reg-map '(:es :cs :ss :ds :fs :gs))
(reg-index (position ,op-sreg reg-map)))
(when reg-index
(merge-encodings (encoded-values :opcode ,opcode
:reg reg-index
:rex default-rex)
(encode-reg/mem ,op-modrm operator-mode))))))
(defmacro sreg-modrm (op-sreg op-modrm opcode &rest extras)
(let* ((reg-map '(:es :cs :ss :ds :fs :gs))
(reg-index (position ,op-sreg reg-map)))
(when reg-index
(merge-encodings (encoded-values :opcode ,opcode
:reg reg-index
:rex default-rex
(encode-reg/mem ,op-modrm operator-mode))))))
(define-disassembler (operator ,opcode nil nil nil :16-bit)
(operand-ordering operand-formals
:reg ',op-sreg
:modrm ',op-modrm)
(defmacro moffset (opcode op-offset type fixed-operand)
......@@ -1812,10 +1823,10 @@
(moffset #xa0 src (uint 16) (dst :ax))
(opcode-reg-imm #xb8 dst src (xint 16))
(imm-modrm src dst #xc7 0 (xint 16))
(sreg-modrm src dst #x8c)
(sreg-modrm dst src #x8e)
(reg-modrm dst src #x8b)
(reg-modrm src dst #x89))
(reg-modrm src dst #x89)
(sreg-modrm src dst #x8c)
(sreg-modrm dst src #x8e))
(define-operator/32 :movl (src dst)
(moffset #xa3 dst (uint 32) (src :eax))
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