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Syncing from Monotone at 20131030100928

parent e6e38fe7
......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ indicates an expression.")
;; TODO: Refactor! Looks a bit clumsy.
(defun set-specials (match registers)
(defun set-specials (match &rest registers)
"Parse parameter(s) of @set and set special variables
like e. g. *ESCAPE-TYPE*."
;; <% @set escape=xml schnuffel=poe %>
......@@ -341,13 +341,6 @@ STRING can be NIL."
"Get given file FILENAME."
(contents-of-file filename))
(defmethod make-replace ((replacement string))
"Make replacement string for PPCRE:REGEX-REPLACE-ALL"
(concatenate 'string
(let ((scanner-hash (make-hash-table :test #'equal)))
(defun scanner-for-expand-template-tag (tag)
"Returns a CL-PPCRE scanner which matches a template tag expanded by EXPAND-TEMPLATE-TAGS.
......@@ -359,35 +352,32 @@ Scanners are memoized in SCANNER-HASH once they are created."
"Removes all scanners for template tags from cache."
(clrhash scanner-hash)))
(defmethod make-replace ((replacement function))
"Make replacement function for PPCRE:REGEX-REPLACE-ALL"
(lambda (match &rest registers)
(concatenate 'string
(funcall replacement match registers)
(defun expand-template-tags (string)
"Expand template-tags (@if, @else, ...) to Common Lisp.
Replacement and regex in *TEMPLATE-TAG-EXPAND*"
(labels ((expand-tags (string &optional (expands *template-tag-expand*))
(let ((regex (scanner-for-expand-template-tag (concatenate 'string
(ppcre:quote-meta-chars *emb-start-marker*)
(first (first expands))
(ppcre:quote-meta-chars *emb-end-marker*))))
(replacement (make-replace (rest (first expands)))))
(let ((regex (scanner-for-expand-template-tag
(concatenate 'string "(?is)"
"^" (first (first expands)) "$")))
(replacement (rest (first expands))))
(if (null (rest expands))
(ppcre:regex-replace-all regex string replacement :simple-calls t)
(ppcre:regex-replace-all regex string replacement :simple-calls t)
(rest expands))))))
;; First remove code within comments
(scanner-for-expand-template-tag (concatenate 'string "(?is)" (ppcre:quote-meta-chars *emb-start-marker*)
"#.*?#" (ppcre:quote-meta-chars *emb-end-marker*)))
string ""))))
(ppcre:regex-replace-all (format nil "(?is)(~A\\-?)(.+?)(\\-?~A)"
(ppcre:quote-meta-chars *emb-start-marker*)
(ppcre:quote-meta-chars *emb-end-marker*))
(lambda (match start-tag string end-tag)
(declare (ignore match))
(if (ppcre:scan "^#.+#$" string)
(concatenate 'string
(expand-tags string)
:simple-calls t)))
(defvar *emb-stream-redirection* "with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)")
......@@ -428,20 +418,28 @@ Replacement and regex in *TEMPLATE-TAG-EXPAND*"
(defun construct-emb-body-string (code &optional (start 0))
"Takes a string containing an emb code and returns a string
containing the lisp code that implements that emb code."
(multiple-value-bind (start-tag start-code tag-type)
(multiple-value-bind (start-tag start-code tag-type trim-start-whitespaces)
(next-code code start)
(if (not start-tag)
(format nil "(write-string ~S)" (subseq code start))
(let ((end-code (search *emb-end-marker* code :start2 start-code)))
(if (not end-code)
(error "EOF reached in EMB inside open '~A' tag." *emb-start-marker*)
(format nil "(write-string ~S) ~A ~A"
(subseq code start start-tag)
(format nil (tag-template tag-type)
(subseq code start-code end-code))
(+ end-code (length *emb-end-marker*)))))))))
(format nil "(write-string ~S)" (subseq code start))
(let* ((end-code (search *emb-end-marker* code :start2 start-code))
(trim-end-whitespaces (char= (char code (1- end-code)) #\-)))
(if (not end-code)
(error "EOF reached in EMB inside open '~A' tag." *emb-start-marker*)
(format nil "(write-string ~S) ~A ~A"
(if trim-start-whitespaces
(string-right-trim '(#\Space #\Tab #\Newline) (subseq code start start-tag))
(subseq code start start-tag))
(format nil (tag-template tag-type)
(subseq code start-code (if trim-end-whitespaces
(1- end-code)
(if trim-end-whitespaces
(or (cl-ppcre:scan "\\S" code :start (+ end-code (length *emb-end-marker*)))
(length code))
(+ end-code (length *emb-end-marker*))))))))))
;; Finds the next scriptlet or expression tag in EMB source. Returns
......@@ -449,19 +447,17 @@ containing the lisp code that implements that emb code."
;; 1. The position of the first character of the start tag.
;; 2. The position of the contents of the tag.
;; 3. The type of tag (:scriptlet or :expression).
;; 4. Whether trim whitespaces before the start tag.
(defun next-code (string start)
(let ((start-tag (search *emb-start-marker* string :start2 start)))
(if (not start-tag)
(if (and (> (length string) (+ start-tag (length *emb-start-marker*)))
(eql (char string (+ start-tag (length *emb-start-marker*)))
(values start-tag
(+ start-tag 1 (length *emb-start-marker*))
(values start-tag
(+ start-tag (length *emb-start-marker*))
(let ((start-code (+ start-tag (length *emb-start-marker*))))
(case (and (> (length string) start-code)
(char string start-code))
(#\= (values start-tag (1+ start-code) :expression nil))
(#\- (values start-tag (1+ start-code) :scriptlet t))
(otherwise (values start-tag start-code :scriptlet nil)))))))
;; Given a tag type (:scriptlet or :expression), returns a format
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