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Syncing from Monotone at 20200213-002451. Last commit message was Add main-part-extraction support

parent c93192f7
......@@ -61,7 +61,10 @@
(ignore-errors (cl-json:decode-json-from-string
(t (let* ((document (html5-parser:make-document))
(t (format *trace-output*
"Unrecongnised content-type: ~a~%"
(let* ((document (html5-parser:make-document))
(pre (html5-parser:make-element document "pre" nil))
(text (html5-parser:make-text-node document content)))
(html5-parser:node-append-child pre text)
(in-package :thoughtful-theridion)
;;; Stretch goal: implement algorithm
(defun html-score-content (protocol element cache)
"Evaluate content density in ELEMENT according to PROTOCOL.
Use CACHE as a hash-table of precomputed results. This function allows CACHE
reuse with the same PROTOCOL.
Return values: total score, list of scores by level (own, children, etc.),
text that the parent node may consider as its own for scoring, the data to use
as readable content in case this element is picked as a part of main content.
(let* ((cached (gethash element cache))
(data (or cached
protocol (html5-parser:node-type element)
(and (html5-parser:node-name element)
(intern (string-upcase (html5-parser:node-name element))
element cache)))))
(unless cached (setf (gethash element cache) data))
(apply 'values data)))
(defgeneric html-score-content-dispatch (protocol type tag element cache))
(defmacro with-html-score-content-protocol ((protocol-type) (protocol element &optional (cache (gensym)))
&body body)
`(symbol-macrolet ((html-score-content-protocol-type ,protocol-type)
(html-score-content-protocol ,protocol)
(html-score-content-element ,element)
(html-score-content-cache ,cache))
(defmacro def-html-score-content ((type tags) &body body &environment env)
(let* ((type-var (gensym))
(tag-var (if (or (null (first tags)) (keywordp (first tags)))
(gensym) (first tags)))
(tag-options (remove-if (lambda (x) (and x (not (keywordp x)))) tags)))
,@(loop for tag-option in tag-options collect
`(defmethod html-score-content-dispatch
((,(macroexpand-1 'html-score-content-protocol env)
,(macroexpand-1 'html-score-content-protocol-type env))
(,type-var (eql ,type))
(,tag-var (eql ,tag-option))
(,(macroexpand-1 'html-score-content-element env) t)
(,(macroexpand-1 'html-score-content-cache env) hash-table))
(defclass html-text-score-protocol ()
(defgeneric html-score-text (protocol text))
(defun unicode-property-counts (text &rest properties)
(apply 'values
(loop for p in properties
collect (count-if
(lambda (x) (cl-unicode:has-property x p))
(defmethod html-score-text ((protocol html-text-score-protocol) (text null)) 0)
(defmethod html-score-text ((protocol html-text-score-protocol) (text string))
(letters sentences punctuation)
"Alphabetic" "Sentence_Terminal" "Punctuation")
(let* ((commas (- punctuation sentences))
(total (length text))
(length-points (min 3 (truncate letters 90))))
(if (< letters 25) 0 (+ commas length-points 1)))))
(defmethod html-content-score-summarize ((protocol html-text-score-protocol)
(scores list))
(case (length scores)
(0 0)
(1 (first scores))
(t (+ (first scores) (/ (second scores) 2)
(loop for x in (cddr scores)
for k upfrom 1
sum (/ x 3 k))))))
(defun list-binary-+ (&optional a b)
(cond ((null a) b)
((null b) a)
(t (cons (+ (first a) (first b))
(list-binary-+ (rest a) (rest b))))))
(defun list-+ (&rest lists)
(reduce #'list-binary-+ lists :initial-value '()))
(defun collect-child-scoring-data (protocol element cache)
(let* ((top-level-scores (list))
(texts (list))
(content-children (list)))
(loop for c := (html5-parser:node-first-child element)
then (html5-parser:node-next-sibling c)
while c do
(score level-scores text content)
(html-score-content protocol c cache)
(push level-scores top-level-scores)
(when text (push text texts))
(when content (push content content-children))))
(let* ((own-text (apply 'concatenate 'string (reverse texts)))
(sub-scores (apply 'list-+ top-level-scores))
(content (cons element (reverse content-children))))
(values sub-scores own-text content))))
(defmethod html-score-content-dispatch ((protocol html-text-score-protocol)
type tag element cache)
(sub-scores own-text content)
(collect-child-scoring-data protocol element cache)
(let* ((own-direct-score (html-score-text protocol own-text))
(all-level-scores (cons own-direct-score sub-scores))
(score (html-content-score-summarize protocol all-level-scores)))
(values score all-level-scores nil content))))
(html-text-score-protocol) (protocol element cache)
(def-html-score-content (:comment (nil)) (values 0 () "" nil))
(def-html-score-content (:document-type (nil)) (values 0 () "" nil))
(def-html-score-content (:text (nil))
(let* ((text (html5-parser:node-value element)
(if *whitespace-list*
(format nil "[~{~a~}]+" *whitespace-list*) " ")
(html5-parser:node-value element)
" "))
(score (html-score-text protocol text)))
(values score (list) text element)))
(def-html-score-content (:document (nil)) (call-next-method))
(def-html-score-content (:document-fragment (nil)) (call-next-method))
(def-html-score-content (:element (:br))
(values -1 (list) " " element))
(def-html-score-content (:element (:style :script :head))
(values -1 (list) nil nil))
(def-html-score-content (:element (:a))
(sub-scores own-text content)
(collect-child-scoring-data protocol element cache)
(values -1 (list -0.1) own-text content)))
(:abbr :b :bdo :cite :code :data :datalist :dfn :em
:i :kbd :label
:mark :math :meter :noscript :output
:progress :q :ruby :samp :small :span
:strong :sub :sup :time :var :wbr
:h1 :h2 :h3 :h4 :h5 :h6
:section :p :td :pre))
(sub-scores own-text content)
(collect-child-scoring-data protocol element cache)
(values (html-score-text protocol own-text)
(list) own-text content))))
(defmethod build-content-dom ((protocol html-text-score-protocol)
(content html5-parser::document)
parent document)
(declare (ignorable content parent document))
(defmethod build-content-dom ((protocol html-text-score-protocol)
(content html5-parser::document-fragment)
parent document)
(declare (ignorable content parent document))
(defmethod build-content-dom ((protocol html-text-score-protocol)
(parent null) document)
(let* ((parent (html5-parser:make-document))
(child (build-content-dom protocol content parent parent)))
(if (html5-parser:node-first-child parent) parent child)))
(defmethod build-content-dom ((protocol html-text-score-protocol)
(content list)
(parent html5-parser::node)
(let* ((element (build-content-dom protocol (first content)
parent document)))
(loop for c in (rest content)
do (build-content-dom protocol c element document))
(defmethod build-content-dom ((protocol html-text-score-protocol)
(content html5-parser::node)
(parent html5-parser::node)
(defmethod build-content-dom ((protocol html-text-score-protocol)
(content html5-parser::element)
(parent html5-parser::node)
(let* ((element
(html5-parser:node-name content)
(html5-parser:node-namespace content))))
(lambda (name namespace value)
(setf (html5-parser:element-attribute element name namespace)
(html5-parser:node-append-child parent element)
(defmethod build-content-dom ((protocol html-text-score-protocol)
(content html5-parser::text-node)
(parent html5-parser::node)
(let* ((element
(html5-parser:node-value content))))
(html5-parser:node-append-child parent element)
(defun html-extract-main-content (data score-protocol textify-protocol)
(let* ((cache (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(argmax nil)
(max-score 0)
(target nil))
(html-score-content score-protocol data cache)
(maphash (lambda (k v)
(if (> (first v) max-score)
(setf argmax k max-score (first v))))
(setf target argmax)
(setf target (build-content-dom
(fourth (multiple-value-list
(html-score-content score-protocol target cache)))
nil nil))
(if textify-protocol
(html-element-to-text textify-protocol target) target)))
......@@ -234,6 +234,11 @@
(type (eql :element)) (tag (eql :sub)) element)
(format nil "{↓↓ ~a ↓↓}" (call-next-method)))
(defmethod html-element-to-text-dispatch
((protocol show-formatting-mixin)
(type (eql :element)) (tag (eql :li)) element)
(format nil "{>>> ~a <<<}" (call-next-method)))
(defclass recur-on-noscript-mixin (html-textifier-protocol) ())
(defmethod html-element-to-text-dispatch
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ unset $(set | grep '^_.*NIX_LISP*' | cut -d = -f 1)
NIX_LISP_ASDF_PATHS="$(realpath "$(dirname "$0")")
dependencies="drakma cl_plus_ssl cl-html5-parser parenscript cl-ppcre cl-json css-selectors css-selectors-simple-tree babel $THOUGHTFUL_THERIDION_EXTRA_DEPENDENCIES"
dependencies="drakma cl_plus_ssl cl-html5-parser parenscript cl-ppcre cl-json css-selectors css-selectors-simple-tree babel cl-unicode $THOUGHTFUL_THERIDION_EXTRA_DEPENDENCIES"
mkdir -p "$(dirname "$THOUGHTFUL_THERIDION_NIX_GC_PIN")"
......@@ -248,3 +248,9 @@
(make-instance 'html-textifier-protocol-inspector)
(css-selectors:query1 "div.morelink > a:nth-last-child(2)" (parsed-content *fetcher*)))
(navigate *fetcher* "")
(parsed-content *fetcher*)
(make-instance 'html-text-score-protocol)
(make-instance 'html-textifier-protocol-inspector))
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
:cl-ppcre :cl-unicode
......@@ -26,5 +26,6 @@
(:file "html-textify" :depends-on ("basic-retrieve"))
(:file "html-forms" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "util" :depends-on ("basic-retrieve" "html-textify"))
(:file "html-main-text" :depends-on ("package" "html-textify"))
(:file "util" :depends-on ("basic-retrieve" "html-textify" "html-main-text"))
(:file "walker-dsl" :depends-on ("package" "basic-retrieve"))))
......@@ -2,7 +2,8 @@
(defun save-web-page (url target basename &key
fetcher fetcher-parameters
drakma-args html-textifier-protocol)
drakma-args html-textifier-protocol
(ensure-directories-exist (format nil "~a/" target))
(let* ((f (or fetcher
(apply 'make-instance 'http-fetcher fetcher-parameters)))
......@@ -18,7 +19,7 @@
(format out "~a~%" (current-content f)))
(with-open-file (out (format nil "~a/~a.html.txt" target basename)
:direction :output)
(format out "→[ ~a ]~%→[ ~a ]~%~a~%~{~%(~{~s~%~})~%~%~}~S~%#.~S~%~%~a~%"
(format out "→[ ~a ]~%→[ ~a ]~%~a~%~a~%~{~%(~{~s~%~})~%~%~}~S~%#.~S~%~%~a~%"
url (current-url f)
......@@ -28,6 +29,16 @@
(make-instance 'html-textifier-protocol-inspector))
(css-selectors:query1 "head title" (parsed-content f))))
(parsed-content f)
(or html-content-score-protocol
(make-instance 'html-text-score-protocol))
(make-instance 'html-textifier-protocol-inspector))))
(when (parsed-content f)
(loop for form in (css-selectors:query
"form" (parsed-content f))
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