Commit fc4de43e authored by Michael Raskin's avatar Michael Raskin
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Syncing from Monotone at 20210327-024908. Last commit message was Handle blockquotes

parent 4738aeaf
......@@ -255,6 +255,11 @@
(type (eql :element)) (tag (eql :li)) element)
(format nil "{>>> ~a <<<}" (call-next-method)))
(defmethod html-element-to-text-dispatch
((protocol show-formatting-mixin)
(type (eql :element)) (tag (eql :blockquote)) element)
(format nil ">[ ~a ]" (call-next-method)))
(defclass recur-on-noscript-mixin (html-textifier-protocol) ())
(defmethod html-element-to-text-dispatch
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