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Removed testing garbage that should not have been there in the first place

parent 23bb3b0a
......@@ -183,27 +183,3 @@ Throws an error if the character encoding is not known."
(unless (= end strlen)
(princ (subseq str end strlen) stream))
(return (get-output-stream-string stream)))))
:for x = 0 :then end
:for (start end)
:on '(4 5 8 12 12 18 20 30)
:by #'cddr
:if (not (= x start))
:collect (list 'a x start)
:collect (list 'b start end)
(decode "=?uTf-8?b?YmF6?=baz")
(decode* (cl-rfc2047::string+ "some=?uTf-8?b?Zm9v?=" cl-rfc2047::*crlfsp*
(string+ *decoded-line-regexp*
"(" *crlfsp* *decoded-line-regexp* ")*")
(cl-rfc2047::string+ "some=?uTf-8?b?Zm9v?=" cl-rfc2047::*crlfsp*
"=?uTf-8?b?YmF6?=bar") )
(ppcre:all-matches-as-strings "ab*c(dab*c)*" "ffabbcdabcggabbbc")
\ No newline at end of file
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