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Initial import

(in-package #:asdf)
(defsystem klatschbase
:description "Support for rfc-2047 de-/encoding"
:version "0.1"
:author "Christian Haselbach"
:license "MIT"
:components ((:file "package")
(:file "rfc-2047" :depends-on ("package")))
:depends-on (:cl-base64 :flexi-streams :cl-ppcre))
(in-package :cl-rfc2047)
(defparameter *crlfsp*
(concatenate 'string
(string #\return) (string #\linefeed) (string #\space)))
(defun string+ (s1 s2)
(concatenate 'string s1 s2))
(defun char-max-len (charset)
"returns the maximum number of bytes a character uses in the given
charset and as second value a boolean denoting whether the length is fixed.
Throws an error if the charset is unknown."
(case charset
(:utf-8 (values 4 nil))
(:utf-16 (values 4 nil))
(:ISO-8859-1 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-2 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-3 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-4 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-5 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-6 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-7 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-8 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-9 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-10 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-11 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-12 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-13 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-14 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-15 (values 1 t))
(:ISO-8859-16 (values 1 t))
(:US-ASCII (values 1 t))
(:KOI8-R (values 1 t))
(otherwise (error "charset ~A unknown" charset))))
(defun direct-q-p (c)
"Whether a character can be used directly in Q encoding."
(or (<= (char-code #\a) c (char-code #\z))
(<= (char-code #\A) c (char-code #\Z))
(<= (char-code #\0) c (char-code #\9))))
(defun map-to-external-format (name)
"Maps a character encoding name to the internal symbol.
Throws an error if the character encoding is not known."
((string-equal name "UTF-8") :utf-8)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-1") :ISO-8859-1)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-2") :ISO-8859-2)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-3") :ISO-8859-3)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-4") :ISO-8859-4)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-5") :ISO-8859-5)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-6") :ISO-8859-6)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-7") :ISO-8859-7)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-8") :ISO-8859-8)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-9") :ISO-8859-9)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-10") :ISO-8859-10)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-11") :ISO-8859-11)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-12") :ISO-8859-12)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-13") :ISO-8859-13)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-14") :ISO-8859-14)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-15") :ISO-8859-15)
((string-equal name "ISO-8859-16") :ISO-8859-16)
((string-equal name "US-ASCII") :US-ASCII)
((string-equal name "KOI8-R") :KOI8-R)
(t (error "charset ~A unknown" name)))))
(defun encode (str &optional &key (encoding :b) (charset :utf-8))
"encodes the string using the given encoding and character set"
(let ((slen (length str))
(wlen (floor (+ 75 -8 (- (length (symbol-name charset))))
(char-max-len charset)))
(ext-format (make-external-format charset))
(stream (make-string-output-stream)))
((b-enc (i n)
(if (>= i slen)
(let* ((j (min slen (+ i (* 4 (ceiling wlen 5)))))
(substr (subseq str i j))
(octets (string-to-octets substr
:external-format ext-format))
(b64str (usb8-array-to-base64-string octets)))
(unless (zerop n) (princ *crlfsp* stream))
(format stream "=?~A?~A?~A?=" charset encoding b64str)
(b-enc j (1+ n)))))
(q-enc* (i len octets)
(if (or (>= i slen) (>= len wlen))
(let ((c (elt octets i)))
(if (direct-b-p c)
(princ (code-char c) stream)
(q-enc* (1+ i) (1+ len) octets))
(if (>= (+ len 3) wlen)
(format stream "=~2,'0,X" c)
(q-enc* (1+ i) (+ len 3) octets))))))))
(q-enc (i n octets)
(if (>= i slen)
(unless (zerop n) (princ *crlfsp* stream))
(format stream "=?~A?~A?" charset encoding)
(let ((i* (q-enc* i 0 octets)))
f (princ "?=" stream)
(q-enc i* (1+ n) octets))))))
(case encoding
(:b (b-enc 0 0))
(:q (if (= (char-max-len charset) 1)
(q-enc 0 0 (string-to-octets str :external-format ext-format))
"can only use q encoding on 1 byte charset encodings")))
(otherwise (error "encoding ~A unknown" encoding)))
(get-output-stream-string stream))))
(defun decode-q-to-octets (str)
"decodes q encoded strings to octet arrazs"
(let* ((len (length str))
(octets (make-array len :fill-pointer 0 :adjustable t)))
((q-loop (i)
(when (< i len)
(let ((c (elt str i)))
(if (char= c #\=)
(parse-integer str :start(+ i 1) :end (+ i 3) :radix 16)
(q-loop (+ i 3)))
(if (char= c #\_) 32 (char-code c))
(q-loop (+ i 1))))))))
(q-loop 0)
(defun decode-one-word (str)
(multiple-value-bind (start end reg-starts reg-ends)
(ppcre:scan "=\\?([a-zA-Z0-9-]+)\\?([qQbB])\\?([^ ?]+)\\?=" str)
(if (null start)
(error "Not a valid encoded word ~A" str)
(let ((charset (subseq str (elt reg-starts 0) (elt reg-ends 0)))
(encoding (subseq str (elt reg-starts 1) (elt reg-ends 1)))
(code (subseq str (elt reg-starts 2) (elt reg-ends 2))))
((string-equal encoding "b")
(base64-string-to-usb8-array code)
:external-format (map-to-external-format charset)))
((string-equal encoding "q")
(decode-q-to-octets code)
:external-format (map-to-external-format charset)))
(t (error "unknown encoding ~A" encoding)))))))
(defun decode (str)
(reduce #'string+
:for word :in (ppcre:split *crlfsp* str)
:collect (decode-one-word word))))
\ No newline at end of file
(defpackage :cl-rfc2047
(:use :common-lisp :flexi-streams :cl-base64)
(:export encode decode))
\ No newline at end of file
(in-package :cl-rfc2047-test)
(defparameter *ascii-phrases*
"two three"
"some what longer text that sould get broken up into multiple lines 123"))
(deftestsuite encode-tests () ())
(defun ensure-encoding (original encoded)
:for word :in (cl-ppcre:split cl-rfc2047::*crlfsp* encoded)
:do (ensure (<= (length word) 75)
:report "length (~A) must not be larger than 75"
:arguments ((length word)))
(ensure (string= original (decode encoded))
:report "~A must be equal to ~A"
:arguments (original (decode encoded)))))
(addtest encode-test
:for word :in *ascii-phrases*
:do (ensure-encoding word (encode word))))
(addtest decode-known-encodings-test
:for (encoded decoded)
:in '(("=?US-ASCII?Q?foo_bar=20baz?=" "foo bar baz")
("=?ISO-8859-1?Q?n=e4n=F6n=fC?=" "nänönü")
("=?uTf-8?b?Zm9vIGJhciBiYXo=?=" "foo bar baz"))
:do (ensure (string= decoded (decode encoded)))))
\ No newline at end of file
(defpackage :cl-rfc2047-test
(:use :common-lisp :cl-rfc2047))
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