Commit d4cef442 authored by Max Rottenkolber's avatar Max Rottenkolber
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Fix issue #1: Incorrect handling of spaces between encoded words.

parent 1a291e44
......@@ -92,11 +92,6 @@
If {decode} fails an _error condition_ is signaled."
(decode-word (subseq string start end)))
(defun crlfsp-p (string start end)
"Predicate to test if STRING equals to *CRLFSP* from START to END."
(unless (> end (length string))
(string= *crlfsp* string :start2 start :end2 end)))
(defun encoded-word-to (string from)
"Find end of encoded word in STRING starting at FROM."
(let* ((?1 (position #\? string :start from))
......@@ -104,19 +99,32 @@
(?3 (position #\? string :start (1+ ?2))))
(+ 2 (search "?=" string :start2 (1+ ?3)))))
(defun lwsp-character-p (character)
"Predicate to test if CHARACTER is a LWSP-char."
(case character ((#\Space #\Tab) t)))
(defun decode-word* (string)
"Decode mixed STRING."
(with-output-to-string (out)
(loop for start = 0 then (if (crlfsp-p string to (+ to 3))
(+ to 3)
(loop for start = 0 then to
for from = (search "=?" string :start2 start)
for to = (when from (encoded-word-to string from))
do (write-string (subseq string start from) out)
when from
do (write-string (decode string :start from :end to) out)
(let ((unencoded-prefix (subseq string start from)))
(when (find-if-not 'lwsp-character-p unencoded-prefix)
(write-string unencoded-prefix out)))
(when from
(write-string (decode string :start from :end to) out))
while (and from to))))
(defun unfold-crlfsp (string)
"Replace any <CRLF SPACE> in STRING with <SPACE>."
(with-output-to-string (out)
(loop for start = 0 then (+ crlfsp 2)
for crlfsp = (search *crlfsp* string :start2 start)
do (write-string string out :start start :end crlfsp)
while crlfsp)))
(defun decode* (string &key (start 0) end (errorp t))
"*Arguments and Values:*
......@@ -136,7 +144,7 @@
If {decode*} fails and _error-p_ is _true_ an _error condition_ is
(handler-case (decode-word* (subseq string start end))
(handler-case (decode-word* (unfold-crlfsp (subseq string start end)))
(error (error) (if errorp
(error error)
......@@ -46,15 +46,18 @@
(addtest decode*-test
(loop for (encoded decoded)
in `(("=?US-ASCII?Q?foo_bar=20baz?="
in '(("=?US-ASCII?Q?foo_bar=20baz?="
"foo bar baz")
("some =?US-ASCII?Q?foo_bar=20baz?=bla"
"some foo bar bazbla")
(,(concatenate 'string "some=?uTf-8?b?Zm9v?="
("foo" "foo"))
("foo" "foo")
for result = (decode* encoded)
do (ensure (string= decoded result)
:report "expected ~A, got ~A"
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