Commit 13e091f9 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy
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Merge branch 'issue-14-refactor-move-internals' into 'master'

Address #14: More refactoring

See merge request !17
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......@@ -48,28 +48,28 @@
((:module "src"
((:file "oct-package")
(:file "qd-class" :depends-on ("oct-package"))
(:file "qd-const2" :depends-on ("qd-class")
(:file "oct-class" :depends-on ("oct-package"))
(:file "oct-const" :depends-on ("oct-class")
:around-compile (lambda (thunk)
;; Just byte-compile these on cmucl since these are just constants
(let (#+nil (ext:*byte-compile-default* t))
(funcall thunk))))
(:file "qd-methods"
:depends-on ("qd-class"))
(:file "qd-reader"
:depends-on ("qd-methods"))
(:file "qd-format"
:depends-on ("qd-methods" "qd-reader"))
(:file "qd-complex"
:depends-on ("qd-methods" "qd-reader"))
(:file "qd-elliptic"
:depends-on ("qd-methods" "qd-reader"))
(:file "qd-theta"
:depends-on ("qd-methods" "qd-reader"))
(:file "qd-gamma"
:depends-on ("qd-complex" "qd-methods" "qd-reader"))
(:file "qd-bessel"
:depends-on ("qd-methods"))))))
(:file "oct-methods"
:depends-on ("oct-class"))
(:file "oct-reader"
:depends-on ("oct-methods"))
(:file "oct-format"
:depends-on ("oct-methods" "oct-reader"))
(:file "oct-complex"
:depends-on ("oct-methods" "oct-reader"))
(:file "oct-elliptic"
:depends-on ("oct-methods" "oct-reader"))
(:file "oct-theta"
:depends-on ("oct-methods" "oct-reader"))
(:file "oct-gamma"
:depends-on ("oct-complex" "oct-methods" "oct-reader"))
(:file "oct-bessel"
:depends-on ("oct-methods"))))))
; (defmethod perform ((op test-op) (c (eql (asdf:find-system :oct))))
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
:licence "MIT"
:version "2020.11.27"
((:module "src"
((:module "src/internals"
((:file "octi-package")
(:file "qd-const"
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