Commit 830e395d authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy
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Fix #20: Support sbcl better

- Use a fixed known `*random-state*` for sbcl.
- Fix warning about unused variable.
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......@@ -95,12 +95,15 @@
(let* ((*random-state*
(kernel::make-random-object :state (kernel:init-random-state))
(sb-kernel::%make-random-state (sb-kernel::init-random-state 3141592653))
#-(or cmucl sbcl)
(make-random-state nil)))
(format t "Test random-state ~A~%" *random-state*)
(let* ((rt-package (find-package "RT"))
(pass (funcall (intern "DO-TESTS" rt-package)))
(unexpected-failures (symbol-value (find-symbol "*UNEXPECTED-FAILURES*" rt-package)))
(unexpected-successes (symbol-value (find-symbol "*UNEXPECTED-SUCCESSES*" rt-package))))
(or (and (null unexpected-failures) (null unexpected-successes))
(or (not pass)
(and (null unexpected-failures) (null unexpected-successes))
(error "TEST-OP failed for OCT-TESTS")))))
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