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Format functions for QD. Currently only does exponential formatting.

parent 34e1b83d
(in-package "QD")
(defun qd-scale-exponent (original-x)
(let* ((x original-x))
(multiple-value-bind (sig exponent)
(decode-float x)
(declare (ignore sig))
(if (= x #q0)
(values #q0 1)
(let* ((ex (round (* exponent (log #q2 10))))
(x (if (minusp ex)
(if (ext:float-denormalized-p (qd-0 (qd-value x)))
(* x #q1.0q16 (expt #q10.0q0 (- (- ex) 16)))
(* x #q10.0q0 (expt #q10.0q0 (- (- ex) 1))))
(/ x #q10.0q0 (expt #q10.0q0 (1- ex))))))
(do ((d #q10.0q0 (* d #q10.0q0))
(y x (/ x d))
(ex ex (1+ ex)))
((< y #q1.0q0)
(do ((m #q10.0q0 (* m #q10.0q0))
(z y (* y m))
(ex ex (1- ex)))
((>= z #q0.1q0)
(values z ex))))))))))
(defun decimal-string (n)
(cl:write-to-string n :base 10 :radix nil :escape nil))
(defun qd-format-exp-aux (stream number w d e k ovf pad marker atsign)
(multiple-value-bind (num expt)
(qd-scale-exponent (abs number))
(let* ((expt (- expt k))
(estr (decimal-string (abs expt)))
(elen (if e (max (length estr) e) (length estr)))
(add-zero-p nil))
(if (and w ovf e (> elen e)) ;exponent overflow
(dotimes (i w)
(write-char ovf stream))
(let* ((fdig (if d (if (plusp k) (1+ (- d k)) d) nil))
(fmin (if (minusp k)
(spaceleft (if w
(- w 2 elen
(if (or atsign (minusp (float-sign number)))
1 0))
(multiple-value-bind (fstr flen lpoint tpoint)
(qdi::qd-to-string (qd-value num) spaceleft fdig k fmin)
(when (and d (zerop d)) (setq tpoint nil))
(when w
(decf spaceleft flen)
;; See CLHS "If the parameter d is
;; omitted, ... [and] if the fraction to be
;; printed is zero then a single zero digit should
;; appear after the decimal point." So we need to
;; subtract one from here because we're going to
;; add an extra 0 digit later.
(when (and (null d) (char= (aref fstr (1- flen)) #\.))
(setf add-zero-p t)
(decf spaceleft))
(when lpoint
(if (or (> spaceleft 0) tpoint)
(decf spaceleft)
(setq lpoint nil)))
(when (and tpoint (<= spaceleft 0))
(setq tpoint nil)))
(cond ((and w (< spaceleft 0) ovf)
;;significand overflow
(dotimes (i w) (write-char ovf stream)))
(t (when w
(dotimes (i spaceleft)
(write-char pad stream)))
(if (minusp (float-sign number))
(write-char #\- stream)
(if atsign (write-char #\+ stream)))
(when lpoint (write-char #\0 stream))
(write-string fstr stream)
;; Add a zero if we need it. Which means
;; we figured out we need one above, or
;; another condition. Basically, append a
;; zero if there are no width constraints
;; and if the last char to print was a
;; decimal (so the trailing fraction is
;; zero.)
(when (or add-zero-p
(and (null w)
(char= (aref fstr (1- flen)) #\.)))
;; It's later and we're adding the zero
;; digit.
(write-char #\0 stream))
(write-char (if marker
(write-char (if (minusp expt) #\- #\+) stream)
(when e
;;zero-fill before exponent if necessary
(dotimes (i (- e (length estr)))
(write-char #\0 stream)))
(write-string estr stream)))))))))
(defun qd-format-exp (stream arg colon-p at-sign-p
&optional w d e (k 1) ovf pad exp-marker)
(declare (ignore colon-p))
(qd-format-exp-aux stream arg w d e k ovf pad exp-marker at-sign-p))
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