Commit 6cd96249 by Raymond Toy


o Define the macro

o Use it.
parent c86217a5
......@@ -108,10 +108,11 @@
;; log(gamma(-z)) = log(pi)-log(-z)-log(sin(pi*z))-log(gamma(z))
;; Or
;; log(gamma(z)) = log(pi)-log(-z)-log(sin(pi*z))-log(gamma(-z))
(- (apply-contagion (log pi) precision)
(log (- z))
(apply-contagion (log (sin (* pi z))) precision)
(log-gamma (- z))))
(let ((p (float-pi z)))
(- (log p)
(log (- z))
(log (sin (* p z)))
(log-gamma (- z)))))
(let ((absz (abs z)))
(cond ((>= absz limit)
......@@ -377,9 +378,7 @@
"Tail of the incomplete gamma function defined by:
integrate(t^(a-1)*exp(-t), t, z, inf)"
(let* ((prec (float-contagion a z))
(a (apply-contagion a prec))
(z (apply-contagion z prec)))
(with-floating-point-contagion (a z)
(if (zerop a)
;; incomplete_gamma_tail(0, z) = exp_integral_e(1,z)
(exp-integral-e 1 z)
......@@ -409,9 +408,7 @@
"Incomplete gamma function defined by:
integrate(t^(a-1)*exp(-t), t, 0, z)"
(let* ((prec (float-contagion a z))
(a (apply-contagion a prec))
(z (apply-contagion z prec)))
(with-floating-point-contagion (a z)
(if (and (< (abs a) 1) (< (abs z) 1))
(s-incomplete-gamma a z)
(if (and (realp a) (realp z))
......@@ -539,19 +536,12 @@
(let ((-v (- v)))
(* (expt z (- v 1))
(incomplete-gamma-tail (+ -v 1) z))))
((< (abs z) 1)
;; Use series for small z
((or (< (abs z) 1) (>= (abs (phase z)) 3.1))
;; Use series for small z or if z is near the negative real
;; axis because the continued fraction does not converge on
;; the negative axis and converges slowly near the negative
;; axis.
(s-exp-integral-e v z))
((>= (abs (phase z)) 3.1)
;; The continued fraction doesn't converge on the negative
;; real axis, and converges very slowly near the negative
;; real axis, so use the incomplete-gamma-tail function in
;; this region. "Closeness" to the negative real axis is
;; teken to mean that z is in a sector near the axis.
;; E(v,z) = z^(v-1)*incomplete_gamma_tail(1-v,z)
(* (expt z (- v 1))
(incomplete-gamma-tail (- 1 v) z)))
;; Use continued fraction for everything else.
(cf-exp-integral-e v z))))
......@@ -79,6 +79,17 @@
(complex (coerce (realpart number) precision)
(coerce (imagpart number) precision)))))
;; Determines the highest precision of the variables in VARLIST and
;; converts each of the values to that precision.
(defmacro with-floating-point-contagion (varlist &body body)
(let ((precision (gensym "PRECISION-")))
`(let ((,precision (float-contagion ,@varlist)))
(let (,@(mapcar #'(lambda (v)
`(,v (apply-contagion ,v ,precision)))
(defmethod add1 ((a number))
(cl::1+ a))
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