Commit 793166a0 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy

Reduce size of the atan partition and node tables by half.

o Update tables and generator to use tables with only half as many
  entries as before. This is because atan-qd/taylor never needs to
  compute directly for x > 1.

o Use table length for binary search, so we're independent of other
o Remove FIXME.
parent 4d09f5a3
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......@@ -1117,10 +1117,8 @@ is the cosine of A"
;; the smallest entry greater than x. Return the index of the
;; entry.
(let* ((low 0)
(high (1- octi::+qd-atan-partition-size+))
(high (length octi::+qd-atan-partition+))
(mid (ash (+ low high) -1)))
;; high starts one less than the end because the end actually has junk.
;; FIXME: Remove that junk last element.
(if (qd-< x (aref octi::+qd-atan-partition+ mid))
(setf high mid)
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