Commit b1d9be46 authored by Raymond Toy's avatar Raymond Toy

Add implementation for tan(x) using duplication.

Includes Lentz' algorithm for evaluating continued fractions and
updates the timing test to include tan(x) using duplication.  Tests
show this is much slower than existing algorithms.
parent bcb0aded
......@@ -993,6 +993,66 @@
y (add-qd (mul-qd y ct) (mul-qd x st)))
(div-qd y x))))
(defvar *debug-cf-eval* nil)
(defvar *max-cf-iterations* 10000)
(defun lentz-qd (bf af)
(let ((tiny-value-count 0))
(flet ((value-or-tiny (v)
(cond ((zerop-qd v)
(incf tiny-value-count)
(make-qd-d (sqrt least-positive-normalized-double-float)))
(let* ((f (value-or-tiny (funcall bf 0)))
(c f)
(d (make-qd-d 0d0))
(eps +qd-eps+))
for j from 1 upto *max-cf-iterations*
for an = (funcall af j)
for bn = (funcall bf j)
do (progn
(setf d (value-or-tiny (add-qd bn (mul-qd an d))))
(setf c (value-or-tiny (add-qd bn (div-qd an c))))
(when *debug-cf-eval*
(format t "~&j = ~d~%" j)
(format t " an = ~s~%" an)
(format t " bn = ~s~%" bn)
(format t " c = ~s~%" c)
(format t " d = ~s~%" d))
(let ((delta (div-qd c d)))
(setf d (div-qd +qd-one+ d))
(setf f (mul-qd f delta))
(when *debug-cf-eval*
(format t " dl= ~S (|dl - 1| = ~S)~%" delta (abs (1- delta)))
(format t " f = ~S~%" f))
(when (qd-<= (abs-qd (sub-qd-d delta 1d0)) eps)
(return-from lentz-qd (values f j tiny-value-count)))))
(error 'simple-error
:format-control "~<Continued fraction failed to converge after ~D iterations.~% Delta = ~S~>"
:format-arguments (list *max-cf-iterations* (/ c d))))))))
(defun tan-qd/duplication (x)
;; tan(x) = 2*tan(x/2)/(1-tan(x/2)^2)
(cond ((< (abs (qd-0 x)) 1d-4)
;; Continued fraction for tan(x)
;; x
;; tan(x) = -----------------------------
;; 1 - K(2*k+1, -z^2, k, 0, inf)
(let ((x2 (neg-qd (sqr-qd x))))
(div-qd x
(lentz-qd #'(lambda (n)
(octi::make-qd-d (float (+ (* 2 n) 1) 1d0)))
#'(lambda (n)
(declare (ignore n))
(let* ((tanx/2 (tan-qd/duplication (scale-float-qd x -1))))
(/ (mul-qd-d tanx/2 2d0)
(sub-d-qd 1d0 (sqr-qd tanx/2)))))))
(defun sin-qd/cordic (r)
(declare (type %quad-double r))
......@@ -1374,17 +1434,22 @@
(format t "atan2-qd/newton~%")
(time (dotimes (k n)
(declare (fixnum k))
(setf y (atan2-qd/newton x one))))
(setf y (octi::atan2-qd/newton x one))))
#+cmu (ext:gc :full t)
(format t "atan2-qd/cordic~%")
(time (dotimes (k n)
(declare (fixnum k))
(setf y (atan2-qd/cordic x one))))
(setf y (octi::atan2-qd/cordic x one))))
#+cmu (ext:gc :full t)
(format t "atan-qd/duplication~%")
(time (dotimes (k n)
(declare (fixnum k))
(setf y (atan-qd/duplication x))))
(setf y (octi::atan-qd/duplication x))))
#+cmu (ext:gc :full t)
(format t "atan-qd/taylor~%")
(time (dotimes (k n)
(declare (fixnum k))
(setf y (octi::atan-qd/taylor x))))
;; (time-tan #c(10w0 0) 10000)
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