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Readable code:
Parenscript generates concise, formatted, idiomatic JavaScript
code. Identifier names are preserved. This enables seamless
debugging in tools like Firebug.
use of JavaScript debuggers.
Parenscript introduces minimal overhead for advanced Common Lisp
features. The generated code is almost as fast as hand-written
Parenscript is available via Quicklisp: (ql:quickload :parenscript)
Parenscript is available via Quicklisp:
(ql:quickload :parenscript)
To run unit tests: (ql:quickload :parenscript.tests)
To run unit tests:
(ql:quickload :parenscript.tests)
Please send patches and bug reports to:
See docs/tutorial.html and docs/reference.html
Mailing list:
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Source repository:
BSD-3-Clause, see the file COPYING
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