Commit 0d971f14 authored by Vladimir Sedach's avatar Vladimir Sedach
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Updated and fixed the deprecated interface.

parent 8bb28ead
......@@ -17,14 +17,15 @@
(defun-js js-equal script-equal (a b)
(script-equal a b))
(defun js-equal (ps-form1 ps-form2)
(warn-deprecated 'js-equal)
(equalp ps-form1 ps-form2))
(defun-js js-compile compile-script (form)
(compile-script form :output-spec :javascript))
(compile-script form))
(defun-js js-compile-list compile-script (form)
(compile-script form :output-spec :javascript))
(compile-script form))
(defmacro defjsmacro (&rest args)
(warn-deprecated 'defjsmacro 'defpsmacro)
......@@ -44,24 +45,22 @@
(:princ (format nil "~%// ]]>~%"))))
(defmacro js-inline (&rest body)
(warn-deprecated 'js-inline)
(warn-deprecated 'js-inline 'ps-inline)
`(js-inline* '(progn ,@body)))
(defmacro js-inline* (&rest body)
(warn-deprecated 'js-inline*)
`(concatenate 'string "javascript:"
(string-join (js-to-statement-strings (compile-script-form (list 'progn ,@body)) 0) " ")))
(defun-js js-inline* ps-inline* (&rest body)
(apply #'ps-inline* body))
(defmacro with-unique-js-names (&rest args)
(warn-deprecated 'with-unique-js-names 'with-unique-ps-names)
`(with-unique-ps-names ,@args))
(warn-deprecated 'with-unique-js-names 'with-ps-gensyms)
`(with-ps-gensyms ,@args))
(defmacro gen-js-name (&rest args)
(warn-deprecated 'gen-js-name 'gen-ps-name)
`(ps-gensym ,@args))
(defun-js gen-js-name ps-gensym (&optional (prefix "_js_"))
(ps-gensym prefix))
(defmacro js (&rest args)
(warn-deprecated 'js 'ps)
`(ps ,@args))
(defmacro js* (&rest args)
`(ps ,@args))
\ No newline at end of file
(defun-js js* ps* (&rest args)
(apply #'ps* args))
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