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Made definition of ps-once-only easier to read

parent 5c9b1e73
......@@ -368,10 +368,13 @@ gensym-prefix-string)."
(defmacro ps-once-only ((&rest vars) &body body)
"Helper macro for writing Parenscript macros. Useful for preventing unwanted multiple evaluation."
(let ((gensyms (mapcar (lambda (x) (ps-gensym (string x))) vars)))
`(let ,(mapcar (lambda (g v) `(,g (ps-gensym ,(string v)))) gensyms vars)
`(let* (,,@(mapcar (lambda (g v) ``(,,g ,,v)) gensyms vars))
,(let ,(mapcar (lambda (g v) `(,v ,g)) gensyms vars)
(let ((gensyms (mapcar #'ps-gensym vars)))
`(let ,(mapcar (lambda (g v) `(,g (ps-gensym ',v)))
gensyms vars)
`(let* (,,@(mapcar (lambda (g v) `(list ,g ,v))
gensyms vars))
,(let ,(mapcar (lambda (g v) (list v g))
gensyms vars)
(defmacro maybe-once-only ((&rest vars) &body body)
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