Commit 39ea2e4c authored by Vladimir Sedach's avatar Vladimir Sedach
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Put == and === into deprecated interface.

parent a06776b2
......@@ -69,6 +69,14 @@ is output to the OUTPUT-STREAM stream."
(warn-deprecated 'slot-value 'getprop)
`(getprop ,@args))
(defpsmacro === (&rest args)
(warn-deprecated '=== 'eql)
`(eql ,@args))
(defpsmacro == (&rest args)
(warn-deprecated '== 'equal)
`(equal ,@args))
(defmacro defmacro/ps (name args &body body)
(warn-deprecated 'defmacro/ps 'defmacro+ps)
`(progn (defmacro ,name ,args ,@body)
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