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Removed Fix multiple COLLECT clauses in LOOP from TODO

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......@@ -77,36 +77,6 @@ jasom commented on Jan 17
I locally fixd the BREAK to use RETURN-FROM and it gets worse; note that var _js55 = FIRST58 ? 0 : _js55 + 1; is inside the lambda, so js55 is zero on the first iteration and NaN thereafter.
Previously only the non-gensymed variables were declared in the with block so the gensym variables took the outer scope; this obviously is not what happens when you replace the with with a lambda. The fix is likely going to involve hoisting those variable declarations out of the loop body; I'm busy with other things currently so it may take several days before I report back.
* Fix multiple COLLECT clauses in LOOP
phmarek commented 7 hours ago
(loop for i from 0 to 3
for ch = (char "abcde" i)
for p = (char-code ch)
collect (logand (ash p -1) 1)
collect (logand (ash p -0) 1)))
results in
(function () {
var collect41 = [];
var collect41 = [];
for (var i = 0; i <= 3; i += 1) {
var ch = char('abcde', i);
var p = charCode(ch);
collect41.push(p >> 1 & 1);
collect41.push(p >> 0 & 1);
__PS_MV_REG = [];
return collect41;
Please note the duplicated var collect41 statements.
I don't think this breaks JS, but at least it is ugly.
* Add DOM3 and DOM4 symbols to PS-DHTML-SYMBOLS
* Merge ZEROP, FORMAT from
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