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Misc. formatting changes

parent 7f78b9b7
......@@ -220,7 +220,10 @@ lambda list from a Parenscript perspective."
(defmacro define-ps-symbol-macro (symbol expansion)
(defined-operator-override-check symbol
`(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(setf (gethash ',symbol *symbol-macro-toplevel*) (lambda (form) (declare (ignore form)) ',expansion)))))
(setf (gethash ',symbol *symbol-macro-toplevel*)
(lambda (form)
(declare (ignore form))
(defun import-macros-from-lisp (&rest names)
"Import the named Lisp macros into the Parenscript macro
......@@ -240,17 +243,23 @@ CL environment)."
`(progn (defmacro ,name ,args ,@body)
(defpsmacro ,name ,args ,@body)))
(defun symbol-macro? (form)
"If FORM is a symbol macro, return its macro function. Otherwise,
return NIL."
(and (symbolp form)
(or (and (member form *enclosing-lexicals*)
(lookup-macro-def form *symbol-macro-env*))
(gethash form *symbol-macro-toplevel*))))
(defun ps-macroexpand-1 (form)
(aif (or (and (symbolp form)
(or (and (member form *enclosing-lexicals*)
(lookup-macro-def form *symbol-macro-env*))
(gethash form *symbol-macro-toplevel*))) ;; hack
(aif (or (symbol-macro? form)
(and (consp form) (lookup-macro-def (car form) *macro-env*)))
(values (ps-macroexpand (funcall it form)) t)
(defun ps-macroexpand (form)
(multiple-value-bind (form1 expanded?) (ps-macroexpand-1 form)
(multiple-value-bind (form1 expanded?)
(ps-macroexpand-1 form)
(if expanded?
(values (ps-macroexpand form1) t)
......@@ -392,5 +401,5 @@ except that if the given VARS are variables or constants, no intermediate variab
(let ((var¹ (ps-gensym ',var)))
(push (list var¹ form) ,vars-bound)
`(let* ,(reverse ,vars-bound)
`(let* ,(nreverse ,vars-bound)
......@@ -4092,7 +4092,7 @@ for (var i = 0; i < 5; i += 1) {
return null;
(test-ps-js defun-no-body-let-decare
(test-ps-js defun-no-body-let-declare
(defun foo () (let () (declare (ignore x))))
"function foo() {
return null;
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