Commit 7d2536d8 authored by Neil Lindquist's avatar Neil Lindquist
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Add :initially and :downfrom

parent beec0f72
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defvar *loop-keywords*
'(:named :for :repeat :with :while :until :initially :finally
:from :to :below :downto :above :by :in :across :on := :then
:from :downfrom :to :below :downto :above :by :in :across :on := :then
:when :unless :if :else :end :do :return
:sum :collect :append :count :minimize :maximize :map :of :into))
......@@ -126,24 +126,24 @@
(defun maybe-hoist (expr state)
(cond ((complex-js-expr? expr)
(let ((var (ps-gensym)))
(push (list var expr) (prologue state))
(push (list 'setf var expr) (prologue state))
(t expr)))
(defun for-from (var state)
(defun for-from (from-key var state)
(unless (atom var)
(err "an atom after FROM" var))
(let ((start (eat state))
(op '+)
(test-op nil)
(op (loop-case from-key (:downfrom '-) (otherwise '+)))
(test-op (loop-case from-key (:downfrom '>=) (otherwise '<=)))
(by nil)
(end nil))
(loop while (member (as-keyword (peek state)) '(:to :below :downto :above :by)) do
(let ((term (eat state)))
(if (eq (as-keyword term) :by)
(setf by (eat state))
(setf op (loop-case term ((:downto :above) '-) (otherwise '+))
test-op (loop-case term (:to '<=) (:below '<) (:downto '>=) (:above '>))
(setf op (loop-case term ((:downto :above) '-) (otherwise op))
test-op (loop-case term (:to test-op) (:below '<) (:downto '>=) (:above '>))
end (eat state)))))
(let ((test (when test-op
(list test-op var (maybe-hoist end state)))))
......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@
(let ((place (eat state))
(term (eat state :atom)))
(loop-case term
(:from (for-from place state))
((:from :downfrom) (for-from term place state))
(:= (for-= place state))
((:in :across) (for-in place state))
(:on (for-on place state))
......@@ -207,7 +207,7 @@
(defun a-with-clause (state) ;; so named to avoid with-xxx macro convention
(let ((place (eat state)))
(push (list place (eat state :if :=)) (prologue state))))
(push (list 'setf place (eat state :if :=)) (prologue state))))
(defun accumulate (kind item var state)
(when (null var)
......@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@
((:maximize :minimize) nil)
((:collect :append) '[])
((:map) '{}))))
(push (list var initial) (prologue state)))
(push (list 'setf var initial) (prologue state)))
(loop-case kind
(:sum `(incf ,var ,item))
(:count `(when ,item (incf ,var))) ;; note the JS semantics - neither 0 nor "" will count
......@@ -291,6 +291,7 @@
(loop-case term
(:named (setf (name state) (eat state :symbol)))
(:with (a-with-clause state))
(:initially (push (eat state :progn) (prologue state)))
(:for (for-clause state))
(:repeat (repeat-clause state))
(:while (while-clause state))
......@@ -389,11 +390,15 @@
(defun prologue-wrap (prologue body)
(cond ((null prologue) body)
(t (destructuring-bind (place expr) (car prologue)
((equal 'setf (caar prologue))
(destructuring-bind (place expr) (cdr (car prologue))
(cdr prologue)
(cond ((atom place) (cons `(var ,place ,expr) body))
(t `((bind ,place ,expr ,@body)))))))))
(t `((bind ,place ,expr ,@body)))))))
(t (prologue-wrap
(cdr prologue)
(cons (car prologue) body)))))
(defpsmacro loop (&rest keywords-and-forms)
(let ((state (parse-ps-loop keywords-and-forms)))
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