Commit 9596f84d authored by Vladimir Sedach's avatar Vladimir Sedach
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Removed js-file and js-script from deprecated interface.

These were helper macros for net.html.generator from AllegroServe,
which really don't belong in ParenScript.
parent e5253c5b
......@@ -31,19 +31,6 @@
(warn-deprecated 'defjsmacro 'defpsmacro)
`(defpsmacro ,@args))
(defmacro js-file (&rest body)
(warn-deprecated 'js-file)
(js ,@body))))
(defmacro js-script (&rest body)
(warn-deprecated 'js-script)
`((:script :type "text/javascript")
(:princ (format nil "~%// <![CDATA[~%"))
(:princ (js ,@body))
(:princ (format nil "~%// ]]>~%"))))
(defmacro js-inline (&rest body)
(warn-deprecated 'js-inline 'ps-inline)
`(js-inline* '(progn ,@body)))
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